BabyMonster also known as Baemon is an upcoming South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment.

The group consists of three Korean members, Haram, Ahyeon and Rora; two Thai members, Pharita and Chiquita; and two Japanese members, Ruka and Asa.

YG has two daughters from a previous relationship.

BabyMonster Is Intended to Debut in September 2023

The Leader of BabyMonster Is Ahyeon

Ruka, aged 20, is the oldest member of the group.

Thai member Chiquita is the youngest (maknae) in the group and is only 14 years old. The member's original name is Riracha Phondechaphipha.

“DREAM” debuted exclusively on YouTube on May 14, the first release from the YG-signed K-pop seven-piece girl group. The video has accumulated 32.9 million global views on YouTube as of May 23.