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Global warming refers to an increase in the average surface temperature of the earth. It happens because of several reasons, but almost all of them are human-induced. Below given are distinct sets of 10 Lines about Global Warming for Class 5 and below. The aim is to point out global warming 10 points to children like you. It will help you write a global warming paragraph or short essay on global warming and other tasks. After reading all the 10 Lines sets, you would be able to answer basic questions on global warming, like – what is global warming; what are the causes of global warming; effects of global warming, etc.

Please read on these easy sets of 10 Lines about global warming for class 5 and enhance your knowledge.

10 Lines about Global Warming For Class 5 – Set 1

1) Global warming is the long term heating of earth’s climate.

2) The temperature of earth is rising by 0.2°Celsius (0.36° Fahrenheit) every decade.

3) From 1850 to 1900, the temperature of earth has risen by 1° Celsius or 1.8° Fahrenheit.

4) Global warming is mainly caused due to human activities.

5) Indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels is one of the main reasons behind global warming.

6) Production and use of fossil fuels, release greenhouse gases – CO2 (Carbon di-oxide), CO (Carbon monoxide), etc.

7) These gases are heat trapping and form a kind of blanket over earth, trapping heat underneath.

8) Ceaseless use of fossil fuels has led to high levels of greenhouse gases in earth’s atmosphere.

9) Higher concentration of greenhouse gases leads to higher greenhouse effect and hence higher trapping of heat.

10) Global warming is often also referred to as climate change as well.

Set -2

1) Global warming is caused by heat trapping gases like – carbon di-oxide, methane and sulphur di-oxide.

2) When we burn, coal or petrol, we contribute to global warming.

3) A major part of world electricity is produced by burning coal which in turn releases carbon di-oxide (CO2) which is a potent greenhouse gas.

4) Deforestation is another big cause for global warming.

5) Forests help regulate the climate by absorbing carbon di-oxide, hence reducing greenhouse effect.

6) Urbanization at the cost of forests is leading to global warming.

7) Around one-fifth of global greenhouse gases are produced due to deforestation.

8) Global warming can be checked by planting more trees and forests.

9) Livestock also produces Methane, which is also a potent greenhouse gas.

10) Even use of chemicals in farming leads to global warming to some extent.

Set – 3

1) Global warming leads to rise in ocean surface area, causing flood as consequence.

2) Flood has become the most deadly and common disaster in America.

3) Extreme climatic conditions is another major effect of global warming.

4) Heat waves across the globe are becoming more intense making recovery difficult.

5) Global warming is a threat to the earth’s eco system.

6) Many aquatic species are on the verge of extinction due to rising oceanic temperatures.

7) Global warming leads to loss of natural habitat for several species.

8) Glaciers across the globe are fast melting due to global warming.

9) Much talked about snow of Kilimanjaro has melted by 80% in the past century.

10) Its high time that the world leaders take initiatives to control global warming.

By Abha