Computers are pretty new innovations as they have been invented pretty much fifty years ago. But the extensive use of computer systems commenced only a couple of decades back. Nowadays humans are a lot depending on computer systems the existence bereft of computers is unimaginable. Quickly in just a couple of decades, computers have become integral to the existence of society.

Are We Too Dependent On Computers Essay 100 words

Computers today have become inseparable from the human race, so much so that their very existence depends on computers. Computers are everywhere. They are in schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, even restaurants have them. Almost all kinds of business transactions are carried out with the help of computers today.

Yes, it wouldn’t be false to say that humans today have become too dependent on computers. It won’t take much to prove it. Imagine going to the office and getting informed that there are technical issues with your computer or laptop and it would take some time to get it repaired. In other words, you wouldn’t be able to carry out any of your responsibilities in the office.

Are We Too Dependent On Computers Essay 150 Words

PCs were invented decades ago, and because of their capacity to have the option to perform different tasks, they have been exceptionally put to use by people. PCs make life simpler and because of this, they have progressively been put to work at several places. There are different reasons that prompted PCs to be put to the greatest use by individuals. This is on the grounds that they empower individuals to manage their job while at home, individuals can associate with those they have never met, and furthermore contact companions and family members who are living far. As people keep on utilizing PCs, they get dependent on them, and can’t lead lives without PCs. This is on the grounds that their entire lives depend and spin around PCs.

Are We Too Dependent On Computers Argumentative Essay 500 Words

Despite the fact that computers were created not exactly a century prior, they have altered the manner by which we complete our everyday work. In our advanced living, numerous parts of our lives are somehow or another impacted by PCs, and registering frameworks are these days typical in many aspects of our lives including shops, most homes, schools, and different working environments. This features the energy with which individuals have accepted this innovation.

From the wide application space of PCs,  emerges the question of whether we as people are too dependent on them. This paper will contend that while the broad use of PCs is undisputable, individuals are not very reliant upon PCs. To build up this statement, this paper will consider the different contentions set forward on the side of the view that PCs are not abused.

While PCs are utilized for exercises like internet shopping and correspondence, this is just an issue of accommodation and it doesn’t highlight overdependence on PCs by people. 

The creator features the different advantages that the world has gathered because of automated innovation. For instance, the web goes about as a stage from which individuals can without much of a stretch speak with one another through long-range informal communication sites, for example, “Facebook” and “Twitter”.

Internet shopping likewise gives individuals a method through which they can play out their shopping exercises from the security of their homes. In any case, this involves accommodation and even without the use of PCs, we could, in any case, have these exercises occurring in spite of the fact that with fundamentally more exertion.

While it is expressed that PCs have managed the cost of individuals an opportunity to get training through “online schooling”, this is definitely not a substitute to the conventional instructive framework that stays supported by all nations from one side of the planet to the other. Notwithstanding confirmations by most foundations that the nature of schooling gave through the web and PCs is equivalent to that gave in a conventional homeroom, a great many people actually pick the customary discussion and the individuals who take up online instruction generally do as such if all else fails.

Computers just fill in as an enhancement to the conventional techniques for lessons. Cases of the overreliance of PCs in training are in this manner refutable.

Are We Too Dependent On Computers Pros And Cons

Pros of depending on computers –

1. It is quick and simpler.

2. No paper is required.

3. The messages can be put away in the gadget for a longer time period, without being harmed, not normal for paper documents that effectively get damaged or assaulted by creepy crawlies.

4. Advanced correspondence should be possible over enormous distances through the web and different things.

5. It is relatively less expensive and the work which requires many individuals should be possible just by one individual as organizers and other such offices can be kept up with.

6. It eliminates semantic obstructions in light of the fact that the composed information can be effectively changed to various dialects utilizing programming.

7. It gives offices like video conferencing which saves a ton of time, cash, and exertion.

Cons of Depending on computers:

1. It is questionable as the messages can’t be perceived by marks. However programming can be created for this, yet the virtual products can be handily hacked.

2. Now and then, the snappiness of computerized correspondence is destructive as messages can be sent with the snap of a mouse. The individual does not think and sends the message at a motivation.

3. Advanced Communication has totally disregarded the human touch. An individual touch can’t be set up on the grounds that every one of the PCs will have a similar textual style!

4. The foundation of Digital Communication causes corruption of the climate sometimes. “Electronic waste” is a model. The energies given out by the phone and cell towers are solid to the point that they can kill little birds. Indeed the normal sparrow has disappeared due to such countless pinnacles coming up as the vibrations hit them on the head.

5. Advanced Communication has made the entire world to be an “office.” individuals convey their work to where they should unwind. The entire world has been made into an office. Indeed, even in the workplace, computerized correspondence causes issues since individual messages can come on your phone, web, and so on

6. Many individuals abuse the effectiveness of Digital Communication. The sending of spam messages, the utilization by individuals to hurt the general public, and so on cause damage to the general public all in all.

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