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Introduction – Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is a popular Christian holiday celebrated all over the world on 25th December to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is believed that Jesus was born on the same day at Bethlehem in Jerusalem.

The term Christmas has been derived from “Christ” and “Mass” meaning the “Feasting day of Christ”. Christmas is celebrated in all the Christian nations, but it is also celebrated in countries like India, Nepal, etc, with a considerably less Christian population. In countries like USA and Rome, it is celebrated as a major public holiday.

Christmas’ History

The festival of Christmas is being observed for over two millenniums (2000 years) by the Christian community throughout the world.

The origin of Christmas dates back to Rome around 336 AD. Ancient Romans celebrated a festival named “Saturnalia” on the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. It was observed to commemorate the “birthday of the unconquered Sun” and to welcome longer sunny days following the winter solstice. They exchanged gifts as is the common practice in today’s celebrations.

The festival was actually celebrated long before the birth of Jesus Christ. People rejoiced over the fact that harsh and cold winter days were over and now sunny and greener days awaited them.

Sometimes, around 336 A.D. the tradition of celebrating Christmas as the birthday of Jesus Christ on December 25th was started in a Roma church.

How is Christmas Celebrated?

Christmas is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by Christians throughout the globe. In some places, even the non-Christian communities take part in the celebrations and make merry.

People start decorating their houses, passageways, and gardens, much in advance before Christmas. A tradition of gifting others and helping the poor with food and gifts is widely followed throughout the globe. On the night of Christmas, people in western countries organize a get-together with family and friends around a big campfire in the middle of the night. They sing, dance and feast around the fire till the arrival of dawn.

Christmas Tree and Santa Clause

Christmas tree and Santa Clause are the two most important parts of Christmas celebrations. A Christmas tree is an evergreen tree e.g. spruce, pine, or fir, or an artificial tree that is similar in appearance.

Traditionally the Christmas tree is conical in shape and is decorated with lights and gifts. Gifts are hung by the branches of the tree as a surprise mainly for the children in the house. Children are told that Santa Clause will come and hang their gifts on the tree on Christmas night. The kids eagerly wait till midnight for Santa to come and place their gifts on the tree.

Santa Clause is a reference to St. Nicholas who lived around in the 11th century. He was well known for his generosity and healing powers. However, when the Protestant churches became popular, St. Nicholas was forgotten, except in the Netherlands, where he was called “Sinterklaas”. (Sounding familiar to Santa Clause?).


It is one of the unique festivals celebrated with both religious and secular sentiments. At the core of the Christmas celebration anywhere is the intent to make merry and enjoy the festival with others.

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