A newspaper is a part of our everyday life. Children must have seen their fathers and grandfathers impatiently waiting for the morning newspapers. Nothing beats the satisfaction of having morning tea while reading a newspaper. Keeping the in mind the importance of newspaper in our daily life, I am giving below an essay on newspaper in English with an outline, for children. The essay tells you about the importance of newspapers in our daily life.


A newspaper is a daily publication that contains written information about national and international current events. It is also published regionally. A newspaper published in a specific region has local news of that particular region as well as significant national and international events. Read on this essay on the newspaper in English with an outline to know more about newspapers.

News Paper and its Uses

The most important use of newspaper is ‘information transfer’. Events that occurred in the last 24 years are conveyed to the common people through the newspaper.

News paper keeps people updated on politics, social issues, important government decisions, exams, sports, weather, and lots more. Today the newspapers have become more like daily magazines than boring newspapers they used to be sometime back.

Advantages and Disadvantages of News Paper

Some of the most important advantages of newspaper are –

It is a great source of information.

Improves general awareness of the people by keeping them updated on relevant issues.

Very useful for the children as it enhances their general knowledge.

Develops habit of reading which is good for every age group.

In a democracy newspaper is the voice of common people.

It is a symbol of free and fair media.

Informs people about upcoming exams, recruitments, bids, etc.

Many newspapers have classified section that has everything from properties on sold to job vacancies.

News papers give its readers concise news about several topics like politics, war, social events, sports, and almost everything.

Newspapers are a tool to expose corruption and raise the awareness of public against it.

Despite so many advantages, newspapers also have certain disadvantages on their side. Today we are living in a world that is fast connected by high speed internet that we have access through our mobile phones. Almost everyone has access to a mobile phone with internet. Every second important news pops up on your mobile phone screen. You have also the option of localizing news. Any incident reaches your mobile phone within seconds of its occurrence, either through social media or news websites. This puts the newspapers at a very odd position as the news needs to be printed first in the printing press, before it reaches your table, the next day. So the newspapers serve you the same news that you already had access to 24 hours before, through your phone or TV.

News Paper in India

India has become the largest newspaper market in the world, due to growing literacy and changing technology. At the time of independence there were 200 daily newspapers which has grown to over 100, 000 in 2020.

There is a daily combined circulation of over 240 million newspaper copies in India. There are newspapers in all the 22 scheduled languages of India as well as several other regional languages; however, Hindi newspapers top the list in terms of maximum circulation.


Even if we have access to the fastest internet or a TV all time, there is always that interesting news that we very possibly missed. Newspapers come in to fill that gap in information. Moreover, a newspaper is a concise presentation of all the news from across the continents. Don’t forget the pleasure of reading it with hot tea facing the early morning sun.  

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