Today I have decided to write on the issue of crime against women and its impact on the victim and relatives. The views expressed in the article are my own and purely reflect my personal thoughts.

Shameless and Sinful Act

Whenever I hear the news of women being raped or worst, murdered after being sexually assaulted; the first question that flashes through my consciousness is – what kind of person/s will commit such a heinous act without ever realizing the evilness of the crime he is committing. 

Often we come across the news of adolescent girls being lured, raped and murdered and her body dumped in some secluded spot to evade identification. I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dream what could possibly have led the perpetrator to such an extent.

Acts like this are not only brutal, but also a disgrace to the society that looks up to the ideals of Rama, Muhammad, Jesus or other Gods. I am trying to be secular here, as the committers of such crime could be from any religion. There could be no crime more shameful and utterly disgusting than this. I am sure that you too agree.

Incessant Trauma

The flash question is immediately followed by a strong emotion of hatred, for the rapist/molester. I know that even you wouldn’t have spared a chance of thrashing him blue and black or even taking his life, only if the law has permitted you.

If you are a parent, it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine what trauma such acts behold on the mother, father of the victim either a child or a grown up woman. God forbids how you would feel if someone informed you that your daughter or son has been hurt by someone known or even a stranger?

I know that you will feel an intense anger and hatred for the person who misbehaved with your little angel. As a father of six years old, I also would have shared the same emotions.

But, imagine the plight of someone whose daughter gets raped, molested or murdered. What he/she would have probably gone through? Well, it is the worst news as a parent, worst even than your daughter dying of an accident.

Even if they don’t want to, the pain their daughter endured before leaving for heavenly abode continuously flashes through their mind over and over again. The mere thought of a stranger forcing himself upon one’s daughter, wife or sister is extremely painful and heart breaking. Don’t you feel it? I know you do!

One Among Us

Next question is – where these bastards come from? Yes you read it right! As I write further, I delve deep into emotions, so please excuse me for a little slip of tongue. I am sure you would understand.

Again, back to the question; where do they come from? My heart sinks at the realization of a truth – They are one among us!! They might not be from the same family, place, caste or religion, but they inadvertently are also a part of the same society we live in.

To speak straight, they are part of the same society of us that venerates Goddess Durga in some form or the other or else vows for morality in the name of Allah or Jesus.

What Can Me and You Do?

No one can tell the man who just passed by is going to commit a sexual offence, unless he is too obviously predictable.

The big question isn’t how long will devils like them continue to linger, rather, it is how long will we allow them to? Yes! Allow me to ask a question to you. Just suppose that you are witnessing an act of sexual or physical offence against a woman in a bus you are travelling, or in a market, it could be happening anywhere, even in your office.

Now, the question is – are you man enough to raise an objection and intervene? Could you muster enough courage in situations like this, to prove your masculinity? Think about it! Believe me, that if you did, whatever the outcome may be, you won’t regret it. An act of courage is always good and self rewarding!

Once the crime is committed, the law will take its own course, but the responsibility of preventing such heinous acts lies on you and me. Just close your eyes and gather the courage if the situation demands.

Below I have provided Women Helpline Numbers for you or someone you know, who needs it. God forbid, you never get to call these numbers, but it’s better to be safe-

Uttar Pradesh Women Power Line Number – 1090

Uttar Pradesh Police Child Line Number – 1098

Directly go to the UP Police Women Power Line Website by Clicking Here

Women Helpline Number Delhi – 1091

Women Helpline Delhi (Domestic Abuse) – 181

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