The people of India celebrate Independence Day on 15th August. It was on the same date, back in 1947, that India became free from the colonial rule of the British government.

It is celebrated with great fervor and joy by people across the country. The celebrations ignite patriotism and nationalism in the people and bind them together for the country.

In this essay on Independence Day of India, we will learn more about the celebrations and their significance as well as upcoming 2020 Independence Day events and attractions.

Importance of Independence Day

On 15th August 1947, the Parliament of the United Kingdom had transferred legislative sovereignty to the Indian Constituent Assembly, through the provisions of the Indian Independence Act 1947.

The day had come after a struggle for freedom that lasted for around two centuries and therefore was an obviously auspicious occasion for the people of India. However, there are some specific significances of the Indian Independence Day that are listed below.

1) Commemorates Freedom Fighters

Many stalwarts of freedom struggle had lost their lives and belongings in the freedom struggle. But, even then they didn’t flinch and stood firm through the battle.

Our Independence Day is an occasion to remember such fighters, call out their names loudly and publicly, and commemorate them in the best possible way.

2) Unites People

National festivals evoke a sense of unity and belonging among the people and Independence Day is no exception. People from all walks of life, celebrate Independence Day together, disregarding their differences of caste, region, or religion.

It is a rare occasion when people forget their differences and open arms for their brothers and sisters.

3) Helps in Nation Building

Independence Day celebrations are essential for nation-building due to several factors. People together realize that they all have primary responsibility and that is to protect the nation, its heritage, and also to make it grow. It is the day when the government makes plans for the coming year and announces schemes and achievements.

4) Promotes National Symbols

The day is also very important from the point of view of promoting national symbols like the National Flag (Tricolor), National Flower (Lotus), National Emblem (four lions), etc.

However, specifically, the tricolor or Tiranga is unfurled on Independence Day. The day also promotes National Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mann’, composed by Sri Rabindranath Tagore.

5) Inculcate National Sentiments

Independence Day inculcates nationalistic and patriotic sentiments among the people of India. They acknowledge the responsibility they have towards the nation and as well as the fellow citizens. Filled with pride and patriotism, they pledge to lay their lives in the service of the nation.

How is Independence Day Celebrated?

Independence Day of India is celebrated with immense joy and fervor by the people. Every village and town suddenly jumps into an unprecedented festival mood. Tricolor could be seen adorning atop every building. Children hold small flags high with respect and sing the national anthem.

Special commemoratory events are held at schools and offices with flag hoisting and singing of national anthem as mandatory events. Children enact speeches by freedom fighters and pay their respect.

The main center of attraction on Independence Day is the flag hoisting ceremony at Red Fort, Delhi, by the incumbent Prime Minister. Flag hoisting is followed 21 gun salutes and then by a speech by the Prime Minister.

Paramilitary forces and police units present a march past that is witnessed from dignitaries and people from across the country.  

Independence Day 2020 (Events and Attractions)

We all know that the global pandemic of COVID-19 has forced lockdown not only in India but also across the globe. Several states of India are still under partial lockdown to keep the spread of pandemic at bay.

Amid all this, there is great news for those who are waiting eagerly to see the celebrations. There is going to be a grand celebration like every year at Red Fort; though, with some changes.

The Ministry of Home and Health Ministry has issued an advisory to the invitees to follow COVID-19 guidelines. Special sitting arrangements are made for the visitors. Around 4000 police personnel will be deployed to see that guidelines are followed.

Delhi Police has also advised the invitees to refrain from coming in case they have any symptoms of COVID-19 and have not been tested negative for the same. Stringent security measures by SPG and SWAT will also be in place near and around the location.

Events include a flag of honor to the Prime Minister by police and armed forces of India. The events will be telecasted live on several TV channels.


Independence Day not only calls for celebration but also calls for nation-building, unity, nondiscrimination, and to raise the consciousness of the people. It is an occasion for the people to assess their progress in gone years and make future plans conducive to growth and freedom.

By Abha