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The ” Brahmotsavam” event is an essential annual celebration celebrated at Sri Venkateshwara holy place in Tirumala-Tirupati of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is a marvelous festival celebrated over a stretch of nine days as well as is actually also the most extensive.
The “Brahmotsavam” festivity is additionally called “Sri Venkateswara Vari Brahmotsavam” or “Srivari Brahmotsavam”. The event is celebrated in reverence to Lord Venkateswara, the administering deity of Sri Venkateswara Swamy Vari Temple at Tirumala, Tirupati.
” Srivari Brahmotsavam” is celebrated in the Hindu schedule month of Asvina, which coincides with the months September-October based on the Gregorian schedule.


Srivari Brahmotsavam 2021 will be commemorated from Thursday 7th October to Friday 15th October. The 9 times occasion accompanies Navaratri, concluding on the day of Dussehra events.

The word “Brahmotsavam” is developed through integrating pair of words– Brahma and Mahotsavam. Brahma is an adored Hindu divine being strongly believed to be the creator of the cosmos, and Mahotsavam indicates celebration. “Brahmotsavam”, as a result, is a festivity to recognize Brahma who is actually believed to have come down to earth to celebrate the occasion.

The festivity of Brahmotsava is being celebrated for ages. The documentation of the festival events in Tirumala-Tirupati Devsthanam could be outlined back to as early as 966 CE. It was actually during the policy of the Pallava Dynasty, that Pallava queen Samavai contributed jewels as well as land to the Tirumala temple. She additionally ordered to make use of the funds gathered from the property for occasions of festivity in the temple. There is epigraphic documentation to recommend that the festivities were actually being performed month to month in the temple till 1582 BC.


Brahmotsava implies a celebration (Utsava) conducted for Lord Brahma. The tale associated with the celebration states that when Indra the king of heaven eliminated a demon of Brahmin descent, named Brahma Rakshasa. He was a Brahmin however also possessed diabolic characteristics. Killing a Brahmin is thought about sin in the Hindu religion.
Having done the wrong of killing a Brahmin, it was actually impossible for Indra to carry on as the king of paradise. Searching for excuse from his transgression, Indra relied on Lord Brahma for tips. Lord Brahma eased Indra of his wrongs by administering a ritual through which he brought in Lord Indra to carry Lord Vishnu over his head throughout the performance. It is the same ritual that is celebrated today as “Brahmotsava” or “Srivari Brahmotsava”.


” Srivari Brahmotsavam” is actually a splendid festivity lasting for nine days, accompanying the festivity of Navratri as well as wrapping up on the day of Dussehra. Countless supporters from far and wide see the Tirumala-Tirupati holy place during the course of the celebration. During the course of the event, the temple is spread out with sandalwood, camphor as well as various other sweet-smelling products. The 9 days festivity accompanies the 9 days Navaratri event, celebrated mostly in north India. Each nine-day possesses its very own significance as well as a specified ritual to be executed. A summary of the nine days events is given below-.


On the first day the beloveds of revered temple divine being– Malayappa and also his accompaniments Sridevi and Bhudevi alongside other Gods are enjoyed a procession along the temple. Malayappa Swami is the existing utsava murti of the temple, utilized in habits as making use of or even moving the primary god Lord Venkateswara (Vishnu) is looked at improper.

The procession is actually adhered to by banner raising atop the temple. The banner possesses an image of Garuda (install of Vishnu) and also its own hoisting is emblematic of welcoming all the deities to participate in the Brahmotsava events. It is actually believed that Garuda goes to heaven for welcoming the Gods.
In the evening a procession of divine being is once again taken out, installed on Adi Sesha as his vehicle. Adi Sesha is the chief serpant God along with many thousand heads.


On the early morning of second time, a procession is actually removed with the god mounted on Vaasuki– 5 moved serpant God. At night once again a succession is actually executed with the God placed on a Swan as his vehicle. It is actually additionally called Hamsa (Swan) Vahanam.


On the early morning of 3rd day a succession of the deity is actually removed mounted on a lion as his vehicle. Cougar is considered a symbolic representation of energy and also royalty. Same day night a train is accomplished of god in addition to his accompaniments Sri Devi and also Bhu Devi in a cart of gems. Gems are actually taken into consideration a sign of pureness as well as nobility. In local language the palanquin of gems is actually contacted as “Muthyala Pallaki Vahanam”.


On the early morning of the fourth day a procession of divine being is carried out mounted on a kalp vriksha as his car. It is taken into consideration symbolic of God as a giver and also the one that satisfies the wishes of his adherents. At night the procession of deity is carried out on Sarva Bhoopala Vahanam. “Sarva Bhoopala” in English suggests– the God, accountable of earth.


On the fifth day of the event, the deity is actually decorated in the clothes of Mohini Avatarium, the one who distributed the blissful honey. Other trains start from outside the holy place, however, Mohini Avataram begins inside the holy place in a palanquin.

In the evening one more succession of Lord Venkateswara mounted on Garuda (master of birds) is taken out. The succession is visited through 1000s of fans who consider the attraction of Lord installed on Garuda as an unusual attraction possessing remarkable electrical powers.


On the morning of sixth day Lord Venkateswara is get in a procession, mounted on Lord Hanuman. Sri Rama of treta Yuga is actually thought to be a manifestation of Lord Vishnu as well as Hanuman is actually undisputedly the best enthusiast of Lord Rama. In the evening once more pair of trains are carried out– along with lord seated on a gold chariot (Swarna Rathotsavam) and also once more on an Elephant or Gaja (Gaja Vahanam).


On the 7th time morning, Lord Venkateswara is actually performed in a train with Sun God steering the chariot. Again, in the evening the procession is actually executed along with the moon as the motor vehicle of the Lord. Both the successions are actually symbolic of Lord Venkateswara being in charge of the situation of day and night.


On the early morning of the 8th day, a succession of Lord is actually accomplished in a chariot; the lord is actually along with his consorts Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi. The chariot is actually pulled by the enthusiasts and also witnessed by many thousand. It is actually strongly believed that the one, who witnesses this succession, gets spared the pattern of regeneration. At night a succession of Lord is carried out with equine (Ashwa) as his vehicle.


On the morning of the day of reckoning, a bath time event of a processional divine being Malayappa is actually executed along with his consorts Sri Devi as well as Bhoo Devi as well as Sudarshan Chakra, at Varaha Swamy Temple on the banking companies of Swamy Pushkarni. Sudarshan chakra is once more soaked in Swamy Pushkarni, as well as it is felt that anyone who bathes in it concurrently with the chakra is going to be actually released coming from his sins. At night the Garuda flag is actually lessened in the presence of priests, noting the final thought of Brahmotsava.


Any photovoltaic, as well as lunar schedule, possesses 365 and 354 days specifically. This variation results in an added month in the lunar schedule every 3 years. Considering that, Brahmotsa is actually followed adhering to the Lunar schedule, every 3rd year 2 Brahmotsavams are actually celebrated– Salakatla Annual Brahmotsava and also Navaratri Brahmotsavam.
There is actually a small distinction between the activities of Salakatla Brahmotsava and also Navaratri Brahmotsava. On the first time of Salakatla Brahmotsava, flag hoisting is actually carried out, while no flag taking up is actually performed on Navarathri Brahmotsava.
The divine being is actually executed on a gold chariot on the night of the sixth time in Salakatla Brahmotsava, while he is carried out on a Pushpak Viman in Navaratri Brahmotsava.
Big chariot day is actually hung on the morning of the 8th day in Salakatla Brahmotsava, while in Navaratri Brahmotsava the deity is actually lugged in a golden chariot on the early morning of the 8th time.


Srivari Brahmotsava at Tirumala Tirupati is actually observed due to the tornado of followers even from Andhra Pradesh and also coming from far off areas. It is thought that anybody who witnesses the successions of the Lord or swims in the holy water of Pushkarni all at once with the Sudarshan Chakra, is actually absolved from all his wrongs and also gets free coming from the resurrection
Apart from possessing spiritual and spiritual importance the celebration also gives the followers an opportunity to know the folklore and also the vibrancy of their religious beliefs. On the advent of the festival, the holy place is carefully washed and covered in sandal hardwood insert. Mantras and also hymns are shouted continuously for 9 times, making the festivity a lot more attractive as well as religiously pious.

By Abha