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Total world population as on December 2020 is above 760 crore and that of India alone is 130 crore plus.

Still, no two persons on the planet are exactly similar. They differ in appearance, character and other traits as well. Isn’t it strange?

We all look different from each other, think differently and would respond differently in different situation.

The way we think, behave, move around and act, constitute our identity.

This essay on who am I for children and students will let the little champs identify their own qualities and establish a self identity.

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Who Am I

I have known myself for years, still I found the question, who am I, quite perplexing; nevertheless, I will try my best to answer that.

It’s strange that it’s easy to explain Pythagoras theorem, than to answer who I am! But, I am going to give it a shot. That’s me- Never giving up on anything.

To begin with, I am just like the guy next door, whom you see every day but never, got an opportunity to converse with.

I am a little shy and take time to open up to strangers, even my neighbors. But, that doesn’t mean that I am an introvert or like to be alone.

I love fun as you all do. I like to be loved and appreciated. It also makes my day when I get a compliment, just like you.

I have dreams too and some secrets as well. Just like you all, I too aspire to achieve my dreams one day and be surrounded by people I love and admire.

Also, calmness is what I seek, that’s why I try to stay calm and composed even in grim and challenging situations.

Being nice to the strangers, loving friends with open heart and standing by them in need, is what I am known for.

But, there is also a dark side of me. There are some secrets that only I and some very close friends guard. I also get angry, irritated and sometimes behave in a manner that I later repent.

But, I think that’s what I am, in fact, that’s what all of us are like. Our character defines who we are.

What we like doing; how we behave with others and in different situations; our dreams and aspirations; our efforts to make our dreams come true; the love we get and give; and lot of more such things define who we are.

I just hope that I was able to answer the question “Who am I” in the best possible way.

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By Abha

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