10 Lines on Best Friend – Set 1

Here is a fresh set of 10 Lines on Best Friend especially for the children of class 2. These points can be used during class debates or school competition. These special lines have been written in simple language for easy memorization.

1) Best friend is someone with whom you would love to spend your time with.

2) A best friend is always on your side, whether in happiness or sorrow.

3) You can always trust your best friend in any situation.

4) A best friend knows all your secrets but never reveals it to anyone.

5) Best friend is someone who always cares for you and never lets you down.

6) A best friend always helps you in studies whether in home works or during exams.

7) A best friend lifts always lifts up your morale whenever you are feeling low.

8) Your best friend is mostly to stay on your side throughout your life.

9) A best friend always makes you laugh irrespective of their own mood.

10) Your best friends always understand your silence.

10 Lines on Best Friend –  Set 2

Below is another set of 10 Lines on Best Friend. You can use these points in your class or school functions. The lines have been specially written to make them easily memorable and understandable.

1) Best friend is like a gift of God, given to us for companionship in happiness and sorrow.

2) You always turn up to your best friend whenever you are bored or joyous.

3) A best friend could be a key to success and happiness.

4) Your best friend always speaks the truth about you whether you like it or not.

5) A true friend always speaks well about you come what may.

6) A true friend always leaves an impression on your heart.

7) A best friend stays with you selflessly with no hidden motives.

8) A best friend never looks at the watch when s/he is with you.

9) Best friend will never leave your side in any situation.

10) A best friend is the most valuable asset who never leaves your side.

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