Sir Isaac Newton born on 25th December 1642 was an English mathematician and scientist, who is credited with several theories regarding mathematics and physics. Born as a premature child to a widowed mother, Newton had an unsettling childhood.  His mother remarried and he didn’t like his stepfather much. Despite the odds, Newton became the top ranker in school and developed distinguished mathematical and scientific skills. I am giving below 2 sets of 10 Lines on Isaac Newton for students to get inspired from.

10 Lines on Isaac Newton – Set 1

1) Sir Isaac Newton is a widely recognized scientist of all times.

2) He was born in a hamlet in Lincolnshire in England on Christmas Day in 1642.

3) His father had died three months prior to his birth.

4) He was so weak at birth that he could have easily fitted in to a mug.

5) During teenage, Sir Newton was educated in The King’s School in Grantham.

6) Newton developed his academic skills while studying in Trinity College in Cambridge.

7) It was while studying in Trinity College that he developed the theory of Calculus.

8) After obtaining a BA Degree, he further developed his theories of calculus, optics and gravitational laws; at home.

9) In 1966, Newton invented the theory of spectrum of light and the laws of refraction.

10) In the year 1693, at an age of 50, Newton also suffered mental breakdown.

Set 2

1) Isaac Newton was a great English scientist born in 17th century.

2) He published the three laws of motion in his book ‘Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis’ in 1686.

3) He was a stutter but that only puts him in good company of Aristotle, Moses and Winston Churchill.

4) Later in life, Newton suffered a nervous breakdown and became eccentric.

5) An examination of his hair after his death showed evidences of mercury, probably due to alchemic experiments.

6) Newton designed and constructed a reflecting telescope in 1671.

7) The apple never fell on his head as the stories tell us.

8) Newton was awarded FRS (Fellowship of the Royal Society) in 1672.

9) Newton also served as a Member of Parliament; though he wasn’t much of a politician.

10) He died in his sleep in London on 20th March 1726 aged 84.

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