My Favorite Teacher Essay In English for Class 3, Class 9, and Class 12
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These essays on My Favorite Teacher in English for Class 3, Class 9, and Class 12, will somewhat lessen your burden by giving clear answers to certain questions. After going through the essays you would know the 10 qualities of a good teacher; how do you write a teacher essay, etc. Teachers play an important role in our lives. They teach us, guide us, warn us when we go wrong and also cheer us when we do something good. We know so many things about our teachers; still, deciding which one is your favorite, could be quite difficult sometimes. The My Favorite Teacher essay in English for Class 3, Class 9, and Class 12 will also help you in assignments like – My favorite teacher 10 lines; writing a paragraph on my favorite teacher; my best teacher essay, or my favorite math teacher essay, etc.

My Favorite Teacher Essay In English for Class 3, Class 9, and Class 12

How to write my favorite teacher essay?

There is a set structure to follow when writing an essay on your favorite teacher. If you go by the outline given below, writing and essay on your favorite teacher would be just like cutting through butter, with hot knife. Here is the outline –

1. Introduction

Give the name of your favorite teacher and of course the subject he/she teaches you.

2. Body

This is indeed the most important part of your essay. In fact this part alone will have 99% impact on the reader, therefore, must be written carefully and thoughtfully.  

Body of the essay could consist of a single paragraph or a couple of them, depending on the requirement. If you wish you can provide catchy headings as well.  

Describe all the good qualities of your favorite teacher; speak about the way he/she teaches, of course with complete command on the subject.

Tell the readers that your favorite teacher not only teaches well but also treats well. Write how he/she listens to the children and address their every question with dutiful devotion.

Don’t forget to write that your favorite teacher has helped improve not only your marks but also personality as well. Talk about how he/she supports weak students and instill confidence and self esteem in them.

Basically you need to talk about all the good qualities you see in your favorite teacher. Think about it, and just let your thoughts flow.


In this paragraph you are supposed to sum it up, it’s like providing your final thoughts on it. Thank your favorite teacher for all the support and guidance, but remember not to stretch too long. Just keep it concise, around 4-5 lines only.

My Favorite Teacher Essay In English for Class 3, Class 9, and Class 12


My favorite teacher is Puja ma’am. She teaches me Math and is so far the best teacher I have ever met.

Disciplined Class Teacher

Puja ma’am is also my class teacher and she is much disciplined as well. She takes our attendance daily and never fails to come on time.

Motivational Personality

Initially I disliked Mathematics and it was at a time was a boring subject for me. But, thanks to Puja ma’am, things have changed and changed for good.

Her method of teaching in a fun way, has put an end to my fear of Math and now I just love it, as a subject.

A Patient Listener

Another good quality of Puja ma’am is that she listens to all our questions patiently and tries to answer them in a simple and easy way. When we don’t understand something, she teaches us patiently again and again, until finally we get it.

Strict Yet Kind

Puja ma’am is strict but that is only for our own good. She wants us to be disciplined and focused, thus the strictness. Though she is strict, she is also a very kind person. There have been several incidences when she had helped students, going out of the way.

Moral Educator

 My favorite teacher Puja ma’am isn’t only our class teacher, but also our moral educator who teaches us the difference between right and wrong.

She has taught us so many good things, like – we must always behave politely with our elders; we must be compassionate towards the less privileged; we must never fight for petty things; value friends and friendship; help our friends in need; help mother in everyday chores, etc.


I thank my class teacher Puja ma’am, for being a wonderful mentor, guide and inspiration. She has not only made me a good student but has also helped me become gentle, ambitious, caring and loving as well. I will always be indebted to her for her contribution in developing my life and career and also the life and career of hundred others like me.

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