The zoo is a facility that houses different species ranging from animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, etc. The animals are kept in a separate enclosure and are looked after by the zoo staff. Usually, one has to pay a nominal fee to visit the zoo. The fee is used for the upkeep of the animals. I am giving below an essay on zoo in English for students and children that will enhance their knowledge about the zoo animals and make them respect and value wildlife.

This essay on zoo in English for students and children is written keeping in mind to make the young minds curious and sensible towards wildlife and wild animals. After all they are the ones on whose shoulders the responsibility will shift one day.

Zoo Animals

A zoo houses several animals, big and small, depending on its area. Common animals found in a midsized zoo are deer, bears, bison, leopard, parakeets, snakes, monkey, fishes, crocodiles, swans, etc. There is a separate area dedicated to each species. Fishes are displayed in separate aquariums in a housed compound.

Bigger zoos with a decent amount of space and dedicated staff house big animals like tiger, lion, elephants, giraffes, zebras, etc. However, it is very important that the zoo has the required facilities to care for the animals.

Benefits of Zoo

There are many benefits of a zoo near a town or city. First of all, it gives employment to many people like the zoo staff that works there full time. Also others who are related to the zoo like the tea coffee vendors, ice cream vendors and other similar helpers. Moreover, there are several transport providers those seek their living by ferrying people to and fro from the school.

Secondly, zoos introduce us to the animals, and make us understand their behavior and habitation. The more we come to know about animals, the more we love them and respect their privacy. We realize that their other friends in the jungle need to be protected.

Thirdly, zoo is very important from the point of view studying animal’s behavior and diseases. It helps the scientists and veterinarians (animal doctors) to research and invent methods to increase their numbers.

Understanding the behavior of zoo animals, let us take steps for protecting their species in forests.  

Should Zoo be banned?

There has always been a debate on whether the zoo should be banned or not. Some believe that confinement of wild animals in limited enclosures subject them stress. This may be true but there are also some benefits of a zoo that we can’t neglect.

As I have already mentioned that zoo is significant from the point of view of tourism and employment generation. Several families depend on the normal functioning of zoos and the influx of tourists for their bread and butter. Banning the zoo means creating a life and death situation for them. Also, zoos bridge the gap between animals and humans, letting them both understand each other.

However, should zoos be banned or not, still remains the point of argument.


Zoos are not only for entertainment but also have scientific significance. It is a place where scientists, vets, wildlife researchers study animal behavior. It helps them make plans for the conservation of animals and forests.

Some Interesting FAQs on Zoo

Q1) What zoo means?

Ans – Zoo is a facility where different species of animals, birds and reptiles are kept.

Q2) What is the main purpose of a zoo?

Ans – The main purpose of the zoo is to entertain and educate as well as to research animals for conservation.

Q3) Are zoos good or bad?

Ans – Zoos are great for wildlife education and research purpose.

Q4) Are animals in the zoo happy?

Ans – In a zoo, animals are safe as compared to the wilderness. Small animals have no fear of being hunted by a tiger or some other big animal.

Q5) How should we behave in a zoo?


Don’t make a noise.

Don’t throw stones at the animals and show some respect.

Stay observant and eager to learn.

Follow the rules imposed by the zoo authority.

Don’t offer food to animals.

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