Science is a very important subject for children. Their interest in science will shape their future. Any child with an interest in science will have ample career opportunities in various sectors. Given below are unique fact-based sets of 10 Lines on Science for Children. These sets will not only let the children understand the subject but also its importance as well.

10 Lines on Science – Set 1

1) Science is the study of the behavior of objects.

2) It is the study of the behavior of solid objects, liquids and even gases.

3) Science that deals with physical objects is called ‘Physics’.

4) Science that deals with ling creatures and plants is called ‘Biology’.

5) Science dealing with various liquids, solid compounds and gases is called ‘Chemistry’.

6) Science has answer for all the natural events happening around us.

7) Science also explains the planetary motion and movements.

8) It is also a continuously evolving subject.

9) Like we grow wiser every year, similarly science also gets evolved with time.

10) Science is a very important subject for the children.

10 Lines on Science – Set 2

1) Science is the tool to make our life easy and comfortable.

2) Without science there would have been many unanswered questions.

3) Science explains everything with logic.

4) Science also does not make any presumptions.

5) Practical is an important part of any science subject.

6) In science practical, we conduct practical test of science concepts and theories.

7) Cars, air conditioners, airplanes, etc are only few examples of what science has given us.

8) A person who specifically deals with science as a profession is called a scientist.

9) Mathematics plays a very important role in science subjects.

10) Science makes the society more learned and future oriented.

Science is an essential subject that deals with the behavior of solids, liquids, and gases around us. It is the study of how they behave in different situations, either alone or with other compounds, objects, etc.

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