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A Visit to the Zoo Essay (50 words)

Recently I visited the zoo in my town. It was a happy and knowledgeable experience. I saw different animals and was overjoyed. While we stared at the tiger, our teacher explained their behavior and habitat. We also saw deer, bears, snakes, parrots, howler monkeys, etc. The visit has increased my love and respect for the animals. I look forward to visiting the zoo again.

A visit to a Zoo Essay (150 words)


A zoo is a place where several animals are housed in separate facilities for visitors to observe them and understand their behavior. Some days back I got a chance to visit the zoo with my parents.

Fun and Learning

My visit to the zoo was both fun and a great learning experience. Animals look much more beautiful in the natural environment than on television. I was so surprised by the beauty that I kept staring at them for hours.

My father also eagerly explained to me their behavior and habitat. He told me that animals didn’t harm you at all unless provoked. Learning about animals has increased my respect and love for them.  


My visit to the zoo was fun and an eye-opener as well. I came to know for the first time that there are only around three thousand tigers left in the wild and they are endangered. We must take action to protect them and help their numbers grow.

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A Visit to a Zoo Essay (200 words)


Last week I had visited the zoo with my classmates and teachers on a school trip. It was a great fun experience and the memories still bring a smile to my face. I am going to narrate that experience in this essay.

Toy Train

The zoo I visited had two options – either you can walk on the pathways alongside the animal enclosure or you can board a toy train that slowly takes you to all the animals’ enclosures. The children chose a toy train tour and I bet it was the best train tour I ever had. The train took us to all the animals’ cages and halted for a decent period to let us observe them.

Animals and Birds

The zoo was like a mini forest or a town where our jungle friends live. We saw the majestic tiger walking graciously inside its enclosure. We were overjoyed to see a bear playing with a log of wood that has been left there by the zoo workers. There were also different kinds of parrots with beautiful wings and bright colors. They were so beautiful that we spent almost an hour near their enclosure.


Finally, we left the zoo with a heavy heart. We all wished if we could have stayed just a couple of hours more. Anyway, it isn’t good to disturb the animals during the night. I look forward to visiting the zoo soon again with my family.

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