Independence Day is the national festival of India, celebrated throughout the length and breadth of the country on 15th August. People of all religions and cultures, celebrate Independence Day with unity. I am giving below one set of 10 Lines on Independence Day of India for junior classes. The lines have been specially written for kids and are super easy to remember.

10 Lines on Independence Day of India – Set 1

1) We celebrate Independence Day on 15th August.

2) On this date in 1947, India gained independence.

3) The day is celebrated by all our Indian brothers and sister together.

4) We hoist the national flag and sing the national anthem on Independence Day.

5) Looking at the flapping Tricolor is a moment of pride for all of us.

6) It is a day to remember our great freedom fighters and honor them.

7) We must adorn national flag with respect and pride.

8) It is a pleasure to see the elegant parade at Rajpath New Delhi.

9) We must listen to the speech of the Indian Prime Minister delivered from the dais at Rajpath.

10) Independence Day promote freedom and equality.

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By Abha