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Devoted to this selfless love of all the mothers of the world, I chose to write an Essay on My Mother in English for Students.

We all love our mother and the feelings are pretty much intense. But, to express the emotions is quite a bit of challenge for the kids. So, in this essay I will try to be as expressive as possible. After reading the essay, you would be able to understand your mother better and also express your love for her.

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My Mother Essay for Students


 Abraham Lincoln, the well remembered 16th President of the United States had once said – “I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”

I find his words so very true for all the mothers of the world. That is what we have seen our mothers doing for us. Our mother prays for our wellbeing and health without expecting anything in return. Mother’s love is in fact the most selfless kind of love in the entire world.

Homemaker, Mother, and Wife

My mother is a homemaker, meaning she manages the house and isn’t employed elsewhere. But that isn’t the only role she plays. In fact she dexterously handles three roles, often all at a time.

Apart from doing all the household chores, she also regularly takes care of me and my father as well. This puts her in three roles – homemaker, mother and wife.

I have always found to my surprise that my mother is gifted with an unusual ability to sense my mood. Whenever, I feel low, not matter however, I try to hide my emotions, my mother gets to know all. This is something that only someone who truly loves you would be able to have.

I remember her staying awake for hours in night, when I am unwell. She just can’t get herself to rest when I have a fever or even normal cold. If this isn’t true love then what is?

My mother is also a good wife exactly as she is a good mother. From preparing my father’s lunch box to getting his dress ready, she takes care of all the little needs of his, so that he didn’t face any problem in his workplace.

The moment my father leaves for the office, my mother’s thoughts follow him, until he is back in the house. She takes care of him not lesser in any way than me.

These are the three roles that my mother plays and that too with perfection.


In conclusion, my mother is like a bright light, a ray of hope that showers love, care, and protection. She is indeed the most important person in my life and will always be.  

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By Abha