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World Meteorological Day is observed on March 23rd to commemorate the establishment of the World Meteorological Organization in 1950.

On this day, people worldwide convene to hold conferences and exhibitions related to meteorology. The media actively participates in raising awareness of meteorology’s importance.

Many organizations conduct research, and those that make significant contributions receive awards like the International Meteorological Organization Prize and the Norbert Gerbier-Mumm International Award.

Each year, the organization selects a slogan to celebrate the day. While it is not recognized as a public holiday, it is considered a global concern.

Every year, a new theme is chosen, with recent ones including weather, climate, and the air we breathe; our future climate; and observing the planet for a better future.

10 Lines on World Meteorological Day for Children – Set 1

1) World Meteorological Day is celebrated annually on March 23rd.

2) The meteorological organization has a total of 188 members.

3) The World Meteorological Organization was established for weather, climate, and hydrology purposes.

4) The organization founded World Meteorological Day.

5) The organization is also known as the International Meteorological Organization (IMO), founded and established in 1873.

6) The 14th meteorological congress in 2003 elected the current president of the organization, Alexander Bedritsky.

7) Michel Jarraud serves as the current secretary-general of the World Meteorological Organization.

8) The headquarters of the organization is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

9) The organization functions as a specialized agency of the United Nations.

10) International Meteorological Organization is an UN specialized agency.

10 Lines on World Meteorological Day for Children – Set 2

1) World Meteorological Day is integral to the foundation of the World Meteorological Organization.

2) National meteorological and hydrological services contribute significantly to the day’s celebrations.

3) The day is celebrated by 193 countries.

4) These countries participate in a variety of activities, seminars, and workshops to promote the current year’s theme.

5) The official theme for 2020, as announced by the WMO, was “Climate and Water.”

6) The WMO’s focus for this year was on water conservation.

7) The theme’s aim was to “count every drop, every drop count.”

8) The organization also strives to eliminate water crises and increase access to clean water worldwide.

9) The theme of World Meteorological Day changes annually.

10) The day serves as a platform to promote the importance of meteorology and hydrology in addressing global challenges.

10 Lines on World Meteorological Day for Children – Set 3

1) The World Meteorological Organization established World Meteorological Day in 1950 to celebrate its foundation.

2) The day’s themes typically focus on climate, water, and weather.

3) In 2023, the organization chose the theme ““The Future of Weather, Climate and Water across Generations.” to address the coordinated and sustainable use of water and reduce disaster risks.

4) Climate is selected to better understand and address climate change-related crises.

5) The theme encompasses water scarcity, lack of access to clean water, droughts, and floods.

6) Freshwater is essential for survival, making the theme even more critical.

7) The 2023 theme reflects the urgent need to address the challenges related to weather, climate, and water.

8) The day is marked with activities, seminars, and workshops around the world to raise awareness of the theme.

9) The world is currently facing a water crisis, making the theme even more relevant and urgent.

10) The World Meteorological Organization aims to use World Meteorological Day to promote the importance of addressing climate and water-related challenges.

Essay on World Meteorological Day 2023 for Students

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