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Air Pollution Essay for Class 1 in English

Air pollution is a major threat to health. It has become very common due to human activities. Millions die every year due to respiratory diseases, caused by air pollution.

One of the main causes of air pollution is vehicle emission. Increasing number of vehicles is further reducing the quality of air. In big cities the poor air quality could easily be felt. Burning eyes, difficulty in breathing and smelling smoke are some of the common symptoms of air pollution.

We must go green if we don’t want to let the situation out of control. Use of electric vehicles and planting trees are some of the viable solutions of air pollution.

Air Pollution Essay In English For Children


Air pollution is a significant health hazard that claims 4.2 Million lives every year. It’s easy to spot it in form of a brown haze settled over the city.  Sometimes, it’s too thin for the naked eyes, but the pungent smell reveals it.

Air Pollution Definition

Air pollution occurs when hazardous gases produced due to human activities, get mixed with the naturally occurring air, degrading latter’s quality.

Vehicle emission, byproducts of manufacturing industries, smoke from the chemical industries, leather industry, deforestation, etc are some of the main human induced causes of air pollution.

Air Pollution Causes

Air pollution is caused mainly due to human activities. Below are some of the major causes of air pollution with statistics to let you know how sever the impact actually is.

Burning of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels supply for 84% of world’s energy, and are used indiscriminately at every corner of the planet today. Fossil fuel combustion is responsible for 85% of airborne respirable particulate pollution and almost all sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emission into the atmosphere.


Landfills have become a common sight on the outskirts of any big city in developing countries. All kind of garbage waste from the city slowly decomposes due to the weather elements, releasing harmful gases like carbon monoxide and methane


Mining activities significantly contribute to the air pollution. They emit particulate matter along with harmful gases like methane, nitrogen, etc. Respiratory diseases are very common among mining workers.


Forests are natural filters. They clean air and help improve its quality. You can feel the difference between air in a remote and serene location as compared to that in a city. That is because trees absorb dust and other impurities from the air, making it purer. But, rampant deforestation has resulted in a poor air quality index.

Air Pollution Effects

The effects of air pollution as diverse as are the causes of air pollution. Let’s us discuss some of the main effects of air pollution.

Health Hazards

Air pollution can have long term health impact even on health individuals. Burning sensation in eyes, difficulty in breathing are some of its immediate effects, while long term exposure to air pollution might accelerate the aging of the lung.

Global Warming

The burning of fossil fuel releases potent greenhouse gases that in turn aggravate the greenhouse effect. More greenhouse effect means an increase in earth’s surface temperature – a global phenomenon called global warming.

Acid Rain

Acid rain is another disastrous effect of air pollution. When gases like nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide mix with tiny droplets carried by the clouds, they form sulphuric and nitric acid. This falls in form of rain. Though, it is a weak acid, nevertheless, it has severe effects on vegetation and wildlife.

Air Pollution Solutions

These are some of the effective solutions of Air Pollution-

Use Public Transport

Vehicular pollution contributes significantly to the air pollution. More number of vehicles on the road means more pollution. One of the quick solutions to counter air pollution is to reduce the number of vehicles plying on the road. This can be achieved significantly of more people start using public transport, rather than personal vehicles. I mean, a single bus with fifty occupants is a healthy alternative than fifty cars with one occupant each. Give it a thought!

Proper Waste Disposal

The household waste that we do not dispose off in a proper way, reaches on the outskirts of the city and forms landfill. Had we taken a little pain in segregating the waste and disposing it properly, the air and perhaps the cities would have been much cleaner. Next time when you throw the garbage out of your house, give it a thought please.

Reduce Reuse and Recycle

It’s is very necessary that we understand the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle. Reduce the waste; don’t throw away the items that you don’t need any more. Use your primate intelligence; you will surely come up with some interesting ideas to reuse it. Use only recyclable material as far as possible.

Use Clean Energy Resources

Using clean energy resources like wind, solar and other similar alternatives will help reduce the air pollution significantly. More people are getting interested in installation of solar panels in the houses.


Air pollution is a global concern and must be dealt with firm resolve. It isn’t only the responsibility of the government but ours as well; after all, this planet is our home. It is our duty to give clean and fresh air to our children and future generations.

By Abha