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The Giraffe is a distinct looking animal, with exceptionally long neck it is the tallest mammal on land. Found mainly in African sub-continent, it is a rare sight in India. To state the truth, India has only around 30 giraffes in 11 zoos, in cities like Kolkata, Mysore and Pune. Such a low count makes their spotting extremely rare and delightful, especially for the kids. You might not be able to visit any of the zoos in the far off cities, more so due to the pandemic, to spot a giraffe. But in this article, we would get virtually as close to a giraffe as possible, with help of interesting facts and some wonderful images. So without wasting any time, let’s just dive deep into the life of a giraffe.

10 Lines on Giraffe – Set 1

1) Giraffes are the tallest mammals on earth.

2) Their leg alone is taller than a tall human – above 6 feet.

3) Giraffe could normally cruise at 10 mph for long distances.

4) It can run at 35 mph (fastest man can have an average speed of 22 mph over short distance).

5) Giraffe’s neck is so long that it can’t reach the ground and it has to spread its legs wide in order to do so.

6) Giraffes rarely drink water, perhaps only once in two or three days.

7) Maximum water requirement of Giraffes is met by the plants they eat.

8) They are the only mammals that spend their life standing up.

9) Giraffes sleep in the standing position.

10) Spots are a Giraffe are distinct for each one of them. (No two giraffes have the same spots. They are just like human finger prints.

10 Lines on Giraffe – Set 2

1) Giraffe’s calf starts walking within an hour of its birth.

2) Both males and females have two hair covered horns called ossicones.  

Horns of a giraffe are called ossicones I Image Source

3) Very few giraffe calves survive due to threats from hyenas, wild dogs and lions.

4) Giraffes fight by banging their long necks against each other.

5) When a giraffe calf is born, he has to fall almost five feet to land on the ground for first time.

6) And yes a giraffe has three hearts – a systematic main heart and two lesser hearts.

7) A giraffe can kick in all direction and the kick is deadly enough to send a lion flying off the ground.

8) If you think that giraffes can’t swim, you are wrong. (They can easily handle a dip)

9) With six feet long legs, a giraffe can’t manage to jump even a meter up.

10) A giraffe lives for 25 years on an average, in the wild.

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