Education usually refers to studying a fixed curriculum and obtaining relevant certifications from the institution. Apart from the award of degree, the whole process of education brings many positive changes in the pursuer. Not only the person who undergoes education changes for good but he/she also becomes a valuable asset to the society and the nation as well. In the essay below we will know how this crucial and important transformation takes place through education.

Education – A necessity for life

Education is very important in the life of an individual. Moreover, it is also important that education should be imparted during early childhood. Education is the one and only tool that shapes the future of children. Early education prepares the ground for them to expand their wings and explore their future prospects. They learn, they dream, they aspire and grow confident, only through a good and competitive education.

Education makes it easy to achieve whatever life goals one has in mind. Without it, it would be a thousand times more complex to make your dreams come true.

Education – The Change in Perspective

Another important aspect of education is that it changes the perspective of a person towards life and also towards others. An educated person is able to analyze a situation in the right way, think rationally and make appropriate judgments. He/She is also compassionate towards others and always stays composed. An educated person tries to give back to society in whatever way possible.

Education – Importance for a Society

Any society can thrive and grow only when its pupils are educated. A society with a majority of educated persons is self-sustaining and free of issues like poverty, unemployment, etc. Education empowers a society by empowering its members – as simple as that. An educated person is gainfully employed into any organization, public/government sector or runs his/her own business; ultimately paying it back to society.    

Doctors, nurses, teachers, government officials, engineers, and millions of other employed in various organizations are nothing but the pillars of the society we live in. Had they all been devoid of education, society today would have looked completely different and messed up? Education brings order to society and also the nation, through its peoples.


Education is very important in the life of every individual, be it a girl or boy, man or woman or even elderly. Even those who didn’t get a chance to get educated in their childhood should be given a fair chance later in life, free of their age and other factors.

By Abha

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