My best friend is my dearest companion who consistently remains by my side and never walks out on me. Fortunately, we study in the same class and share the same point of view on various issues.

He is my closest companion consistently supports me and provides help whenever needed. Whenever I feel low, he comes for my assistance.

Luckily, our homes are not too distant from one another and we easily find ways to meet for an evening walk or post supper walk.

Steadily our relationship has become more advanced and profound. I imagine that we will remain closest companions for the remainder of our lives.

Long And Short Essays On My Best Friend In English

We have given underneath short and long My Best Friend Essay In English for Class 8,9, 10, and College Students.

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In the wake of going through the essays you will realize that your best friend is your dearest companion; how significant is he/she; how does a best friend helps us throughout everyday life and in examinations and other situations.

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My best friend is Sweta since primary school. We are old buddies from adolescence and still remain friends.

She is a savvy young girl with dimpled cheeks. She is a lovely young girl, whom I like a lot. I can still recall the day when we met for the first time in our kindergarten class and became instant companions.

She is exceptionally engaging, jaunty, and supportive in nature. She comprehends me a great deal and has become consistently prepared to help me in my all terrible situations and celebrate with me in cheerful conditions.

We go to school together and play sports almost every day in the close-by the ground of our home.


It is an exception for anyone to be engaged with a genuine friend in a rich companionship. It is also a heavenly and most valuable endowment of life.

Getting a best friend is uncommon and considered a major accomplishment of life, especially at a young age.

I am just about as fortunate as I have an old buddy from my youth. His name is Ankur and he is still with me.

He is truly important to me and I adore his presence a great deal. Truly, he is my best and genuine friend.

We both are in class 7 and getting along well. My closest companion is beautiful in nature and adored by everybody like my folks, my class instructor, my neighbors, and so on.  

He is one of the best players in the school. On top of that he is exceptionally punctual and never gets late, be it at school or a party.

Ankur generally finishes his homework conveniently on time and helps me as well. He keeps his books and other belongings exceptionally perfect. He has exceptional handwriting and inspires me to be like him.


My best friend is my dearest companion with whom I can share my all sentiments. His name is Raghu. He lives with me as my neighbor in the same locality.

We met each other in the nursery class on the very first day in school. Raghu and me spend most of the time together in the study hall.

We know each other very well and take care of each other’s needs. Raghu is tall, reasonable in tone, gorgeous, keen with exceptional managerial skills.

He is excellent in studies and does well in examinations. Raghu accomplishes his classwork and schoolwork mindfully and on time.

He is the most loved student of class teacher and other students,  as he is extremely reliable, sensible and friendly.

We often share our Tiffin during recess. He regards my sentiments and helps me every time. Both of us have the same hobbies as well, like reading, exercising, bicycling, etc.

We love to listen to music, watching kid’s shows and playing carrom as well. Sharing school notes and helping each other just in case one of us misses school, are usual for both of us.

We love green landscapes and long to go on long rides together. We go at visits and outings with our folks together during the winter vacations and summer get-away.


The name of my dearest companion is Jyoti. She is my old buddy and really loves me a great deal. She behaves well with me and helps consistently.

I met her in class 6 and turned out to be best friends with her. She is my actual companion since she comprehends me well overall and really focuses on all my necessities.

I like her without question. I never had any companion like her ever previously. We often visit each other’s homes. Our friends and family too like our kinship.

She is so valuable to me and I would never like to lose her. For some reason, if I am unable to go to school she helps me with the lecture notes. Jyoti values trust and love, and never confronts me on anything and supports me every time.

Jyoti is also exceptionally engaging in nature and makes me chuckle through her fascinating jokes and talks cheerfully.

She is exceptionally adorable and appealing, draws in everybody through her grin and pleasant method of talk. She elevates me generally to improve in the studies and tests.

We are together in sports and scholastic exercises. She takes my viewpoints in all she endures work to do in the correct manner.

We figure out how to share things in our troubled times. We generally perform better in the class tests and tests as well.



I have lots of friends from my childhood yet Rani is my best friend. She lives in the settlement near to my home with her folks.

She is a decent young girl and helping in nature. Genuine friendship is extremely important to us all to feel free to get right track in life.

My Secrets’ Keeper

Getting the best and genuine friends in life is an extremely intense assignment anyway some most fortunate one get it. Rani is the primary individual among my all friends with whom I can share my all secrets.

Rani is awesome in nature and helps everybody. Also a class perfect and adored by all teachers of the class.

Performing well in games and scholastic exercises, Rani has great character and loves to help destitute individuals.

She is cordial in nature to everybody and meets energetically. She thinks decidedly and spurs our morale and self-confidence as well.

She talks obligingly and never fights with me and others as well. She never tells lie and has all the good habits.

She is an extremely amusing individual and loves to tell interesting stories and quips at whatever point we become dismal.

She is an empathetic companion and consistently focuses on me. She has the capacity to do anything hard in her life and I generally like her for every little and big accomplishment.

She is a famous student of the school since she is exceptional in scholarly, sports, and other additional exercises.

She generally gets high scores in the class tests and annual exams as well. She clarifies any abstract matter in an exceptionally simple manner during test time.

She has a great perception force and expertise. She discovers everything exceptionally quickly at whatever point the teacher clarifies in the classroom.

She plays football quite well and has partaken in many school level and region level rivalries and won prizes as well.


I have the best friend, a dearest companion in my life named, Ajay. He is somebody uncommon in my life who helps me in all my troubles.

He is somebody who shows me the right way. He generally has time for me even in his bustling timetable.

He is my neighbor that is the reason we meet even after school time. We go together on excursions at whatever point we get away from school.

Partners In Fun

We partake in our celebration occasions together and even with one another’s family. We go to see Ramlila in the Ramlila ground together and rejoice in the company and the festival as well.

We generally participate in each extracurricular exercise of the school. We love to play cricket and carom at home.

He is kind of a guide for me since he generally gives me the right choices at whatever point I become in trouble.

He is so extraordinary for me in my life; I think I can do nothing without him. He usually feels great always and never compromises with incorrect ways.

He generally does the right things and inspires all of us in the school to do likewise. He generally has a grinning face even in his troubled times and never lets his challenges come all over.

He is a decent advisor and loves to clarify anything that comes his way. He really focuses on his folks, grandparents, and other relatives.

He respects elderly individuals of the general public as well. I met him the first time when I was in the 5th grade and presently we are in eighth now that too is in the same section.

He is extremely tall and appears to be unique from my other friends. When I was extremely vexed on account of a cash issue.

A Friend in Need

I was unable to purchase all vital books in class 6. He asked me, what happened and I recounted to him my story.

He said that for this little issue you are so stress and disturbed for so many days. He chuckled and revealed to me that don’t stress we can share all books in the school just as at home.

You don’t have to purchase even any single book for the entire year, he said to me. After that he made me giggle through his jokes and stories.

I always remember that second he helped me and consistently become prepared to help him as well. He helps me generally at whatever point I get challenges in settling my Maths schoolwork.

Our preferences never match nevertheless we are still dearest companions.

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