‘Karwa Chauth’ is a major Hindu festival celebrated by married women, seeking marital happiness and longevity for their husbands. The festival is mainly celebrated in the northern states of India. A tough fast is observed by the married women for the sake of their respective partners.

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10 Lines on Karwa Chauth in English

In modern context, Karwa Chauth is celebrated in other states as well. The vrat or fast undertaken is known to be the toughest, where not even a single drop of water is allowed. The sets of 10 Lines on Karwa Chauth in English for Students and Children will take you to a journey of rituals, significance and other vital information on Karwa Chauth. You can take the help of 10 Lines in writing an essay or taking part in a debate based on Karwa Chauth.

10 Lines on Karwa Chauth – Set 1

1) The festival is celebrated by married women.

2) Women seek God’s blessings for their husband’s long life.

3) Women take strict fast lasting from early morning to night.

4) Fast is broken only after the sighting of the moon.

5) The fast is broken only after sighting the moon through a sieve.

6) Karwa Chauth in Andhra Pradesh is celebrated as Atla Tadde.

7) The sieve is used as a ghoonghat to see the moon.

8) The festival is celebrated in Kartik month of Hindu calendar.

9) Women break the fast by drinking water offered by their husbands.

10) The festival is observed on 4the day after the full moon in Kartik.

10 Lines on Karwa Chauth – Set 2

1) Karwa Chauth is mainly celebrated in the northern states of India.

2) Another name of Karwa Chauth is Karak Chaturthi.

3) ‘Karak’ means an earthen pot and Chaturthi is reference to the 4th day after the full moon.

4) Lord Shiva along with his family is revered on Karwa Chauth.

5) Women seek the blessings of Shiva and Parvati for the same marital bonding and happiness as theirs.

6) The festival also signifies the beginning of rabi crop sowing season.

7) Fast is also observed to seek blessings for a good harvest.

8) Some also believe that the festival originated when women of warrior clan prayed for safety and long life of the men folk.

9) In some parts of Haryana and Punjab, women exchange pots filled with gift articles as a symbol of mutual friendship.

10) Karwa Chauth is a mirror of Hindu mindset and the marital bonds in a family.

Karwa Chauth Festival Rituals and Significance

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