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How do you write an essay on fitness beats pandemic?

The first recorded case of the pandemic COVID-19 was discovered in December 2019, in Wuhan town in Central China.  Within months it got spread to the other parts of the world with unparalleled fastness. By March-19, almost every country was under lockdown to break the chain of the pandemic. Below are short and long essays on fitness beats pandemic that will elaborate on the advantages of fitness, in beating the pandemic.

Short and Long Essays on Fitness Beats Pandemic in English

Essay on Fitness Beats Pandemic 500 Words


COVID-19 has direct as well as indirect implications on health. It is known to have varied effects on people depending on their immune system. Luckily, in over 90% of cases it causes only mild symptoms and people recover well at home, but for the remaining 10% the infection develops to a serious stage leading to hospitalization. Most of those severely affected have low fitness levels and mostly have long medical history of some ailment. Let us understand the link between fitness and pandemic.

Fitness-Pandemic Co-relation

It has been proven that exercising and eating healthy during the pandemic could prevent severe infection and hospitalization. This is true also for those who are in the vulnerable high risk category, like the elderly and those with a medical history of blood pressure and diabetes. Good news is that, 90% of Covid positive cases were able to beat the virus at home, by regular exercises and eating healthy diet.  

Benefits of Staying Fit In Pandemic

The benefits of staying fit both during the pandemic or without it, are no secret –

  • You get the advantage of better immunity and a healthy respiratory system.
  • Improved cardiovascular health and hence reduced post Covid complications.
  • Your blood sugar is regulated, which is required considering the lockdown imposed sedentary lifestyle.
  • Moderate exercises have been proven to reduce incidences of any respiratory ailment and reduce mortality due to pneumonia.
  • A better elevated mood when you are cut down from the rest of the world.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

The pandemic has forced us to be locked at home, restricting almost completely, our social activities and physical movement. Had it been a matter of a couple of weeks, it would have hardly any effect on us, but, the lockdown has been there for months.

Around 60% of professionals are working from home and most likely they will continue to do so till 2022 or beyond. In situations like these, keeping your body fit could be a challenge, which must be dealt with.

When you sit ideally, restricting your movements, for months in continuation, it effects your body’s metabolism as well as organs. Such a lifestyle is a potential cause for diabetes and blood pressure ailments.

  • Here are some tips to stay fit and healthy during the Coronavirus pandemic –
  • Keep your body mobile and moving even if your are closed in a room.
  • Take intermittent breaks if you are working from home.
  • Walk while you talk on phone.
  • Eat healthy diet constituting of protein, fiber, fruits, and nuts.
  • Avoid oily food and eating outside is a strict no; though, you won’t find any stalls open.
  • Wake up early do yoga, pranayam and other general exercises to compensate for the immobility.

Do you know that the World Health Organization recommends around 150 minutes of moderate physical activity. Keep this is mind before scheduling your time of exercise.


Staying fit is the key to beat pandemic out of your body. Make your immune system up to mark through regular exercise and healthy diet. Even if you get infected, there are good chances of you getting cured at home, if you are fit and healthy.

Poem On Pandemic

Pandemic has forced us into lockdown,

Stranded streets, locked houses and deserted towns;

Today we sit in our homes behind locked doors,

Remembering the days when we strolled ashore;

Sitting in one place will make us weak,

We would end up fatty, ill with chubby cheek;

Get up from that chair and get some air,

Your body needs your attention and care;

You must listen what your body begs,

Please take for a walk and stretch your hands and legs!

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By Abha