The below sets of 10 Lines on my favourite teacher in English for kids is specially written for small children. We all love and respect our teachers. Some teachers are strict while some are like good friends. There is also one special teacher whom we admire and have a special kind of affection and respect. She/he is our favorite teacher with whom we share a very comfortable bond.

The below sets of 10 lines on my favourite teacher in English for kids will help you in the following types of tasks – write few lines on teacher for class 3 and below; write essay on my favourite teacher 200 words and above; write 10 lines on ideal teacher, etc.

 10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher In English For Kids – Set 1

1) My favourite teacher is Miss Olivia Parker.

2) Miss Olivia teaches me science and is really good at it.

3) She isn’t strict and demanding but rather caring and considerate.

4) She is the most motivating and inspiring teacher I have ever met.

5) She has a positive influence on me and other students whom she teaches.

6) Miss Olivia is my favourite teacher because I find her skills life changing.

7) She is accessible anytime for clearing doubts and answering questions.

8) She is very innovative and finds out new ways to explain complex issues with fun.

9) She teaches us to be self reliant and find our own answers.

10) I can never forget for all the positive changes she has brought in me and thousand others like me.

Set 2 –

1) My favourite teacher is Mr. Williams, who teaches Mathematics.

2) Mr. Williams is a great teacher who respects students.

3) One thing I really admire is that he creates a sense of belonging in the classroom.

4) He is always open to new ideas and suggestions, from anyone.

5) He is completely professional from personal appearance to teaching abdicates.

6) He is also a skilled leader and inspires us to assume leadership roles.

7) He has high expectations from every student, which in turn makes them make an extra effort.

8) His good communication and listening skills have made him my favourite.

9) Mr. Williams is also prepared to take all the questions that we throw at him.

10) I feel that he is a true teacher because he seems to read faces of his students and the doubts they have in their minds.

Set 3 –

 1) My favourite teacher is Mr. Sudheer Pathak.

2) He teaches English and EVS.

3) Pathak sir is very kind and considerate.

4) Sometimes he gets strict but that is only for our own good.

5) His teaching skills and confident smile has made him my favourite teacher.

6) He takes all the questions with patience and answers in the simplest possible way.

7) In between the class lecture, Pathak sir, also talk about good behavior, sometimes.

8) Apart from becoming good students he also wants us to become good human beings also.

9) He goes out of turn to help students.

10) He often conducts extra classes for the students during the exams.

By Abha