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Science is one of my favourite subjects in school; in fact, it is the most favourite subject of mine. Logic makes science interesting and the fact that a principle of science applies to our everyday activities, makes it more interesting.

Early morning dew drops over flowers, is science; the flying of birds is science; flowing of water in our taps is science; boiling of rice is a science; the running of electric motor and the occurrence of dawn and dusk, all have a scientific principle working from behind.

You might not notice or could be oblivious of its presence, but science is always there in the things you do or witness.

What is Science?

Science is a systematic study of observing, analyzing, recording and finding logical justification for an event or activity. Science provides a logical explanation to every incident from – pricking of skin and feeling of pain to the Landing of space ship on moon.

One of the most interesting facts about science is that, it is in a continuous process of development and there seem to be no end to it.

Scientific principles have come a long way from Stone Age to today’s modern world equipped with jets and satellites.

This development, however, has been made possible only by humans and their curiosity to explore. Man’s desire to find out the reason and improve his surroundings has led to scientific and technological developments that we see today and the exploration still continues.

Modern science of today as we know is divided into three branches. Firstly, natural science consisting of physics, chemistry and biology; secondly, formal science, consisting of logic and mathematics and thirdly, social sciences consisting of economics, psychology and sociology.

 Advantages of Science

The advantages of science are so many that it isn’t able to mention all of them in this article. We will go through some of the basic advantages of science in our daily life. Science has made our living easy, comfortable and secured.

Today we live in houses with all the comforts which have been made possible only due to thousands of years of scientific research and development.

Science has made it possible for humans to instantly communicate even when separated by thousands of miles.

Today it is possible to travel thousands of miles in just a couple of hours; which has been made possible only through science and its development.

All the modern equipments one can’t part with like – mobile phones, computers, laptops, bike etc, have been created applying very basic principles of science and further developing the idea.

Science has also made our life more secure both from natural calamities as well as from diseases.

Today we know beforehand when a storm is going to arrive or have the prior information of an oncoming natural calamity.

This has been made possible only by advancements in earth and climatic sciences.

Similarly, advancement in medical sciences has led to invention of life saving drugs and vaccines against diseases like cholera, malaria and diarrhea etc.

Today life expectancy is increased as never before; thanks to the advancement in medical sciences.

Disadvantages of Science

Despite having numerous advantages, there are also some disadvantages of science. The most common disadvantages of science are over dependence and irresponsible handling.

Today we depend so much on our scientific gadgets and technology that it is impossible to live a day without them.

Over dependence has made us lethargic and lazy. We resist walking for even few miles and rather prefer to take a cab.

Science and technology have invaded our everyday life up to dangerous levels and made us victims of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and blood pressure.

You must have heard the phrase “curiosity killed the cat”. It fits extremely well in the scenario of science and human’s curiosity to explore it.

History is replete with many scientific experiments which took a potentially dangerous turn forex – project MKUltra one of the CIA’s most shocking programs of all times killing nearly 10000 Americans and the Trinity test, a detonation of the first-ever nuclear bomb in the desert of New Mexico on 16th July 1945.

Nazis carried out medical experiments on thousands of prisoners, grossly neglecting human life and dignity. Prisoners were injected with deadly viruses and poisonous substances and were made human guinea pigs.

But, despite the fatal consequences man’s quest for experiments and explanations continued.


Science is an absolute necessity and its principles are applied in almost all of our everyday activities and gadgets, devices or instruments we use.

Advancement in science is also unavoidable, but care must be taken in order to not cause harm or injury to humans or any other living being.

Carelessly and abruptly executed scientific experiments could have fatal consequences and history has hundreds of such incidents to retrospect. Such experiments must be carried under the supervision of a trained scientist or instructor. 

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