Nandakanan Zoological park (above) was the first to breed white tiger

10 Lines on Zoo

The zoo is a facility where animals are kept for the purpose of promoting tourism and research. Every child loves to visit the zoo and watch the animals moving freely. I am giving below three distinct sets of 10 Lines on Zoo for the children and students. The sets will not only help them understand the purpose of the zoo but also its advantages.

Tigers are the main center of attraction for zoo visitors

10 Lines on Zoo – Set 1

1) Zoo is a facility where animals, birds, and other species are kept.

2) A zoo is built over a large piece of land.

3) An ideal zoo campus has a green campus.

4) The zoo has separate enclosures for different creatures.

5) Every animal is provided an enclosure as per its natural habitat and behavior.

6) A tiger enclosure contains green grass and bamboo trees because tigers love them.

7) A big zoo also houses big animals like hippos and elephants.

8) It’s great fun to watch otters coming out and diving back into the water.

9) Zoo is a place to learn about animals and know their behavior.

10) Zoo makes humans more sensible towards the animals and their needs.

Set 2

1) Children learn many interesting facts about animals, and birds, from a zoo visit.

2) A zoo provides livelihood to many families through the tourism industry.

3) Zoo helps scientists to observe the animals and take conservation steps.

4) Zoos are safe grounds for endangered species.

5) Zoo serves a useful purpose in breeding animals.

6) Zoo also generates a good amount of revenue for the government.

7) Trained staff employed by the government looks after the zoo.

8) A zoo has great security arrangements for the animals as well as for the visitors.

9) Zoo is like home the animals away from their homes.

10) Generally the zoo authorities charge no fee for children below the age of ten or on school trips.

Set 3

1) We should not make noise in a zoo as it might disturb the animals.

2) The National Zoological Garden of Africa is the largest zoo in the world.

3) Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park in Tirupati is the largest zoo in India.

4) Every animal enclosure in the zoo is well protected with rods and wires.

5) A good zoo also has other entertainment and fun areas as well.

6) A zoo also has a dedicated team of well-trained veterinary doctors.

7) The security persons of a zoo are trained to deal with any eventuality.

8) We should never try to feed the animals with our food.

9) Observe the animals without making any noise and without irritating them.

10) Zoo helps to study animals and birds for conservation and breeding.


Q1) Explain what is zoo in simple words.

Ans – Zoo is a facility where animals are kept in captivity, for people to visit and see them in their near natural habitat.

Q2) What animals are commonly found in zoos?

Ans – Deer, Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Bison, and Hyena, are some of the most common species kept in zoos.

Many zoos also have dedicated areas for reptiles and fishes as well.

Q3) Is Zoo good for animals? If yes, explain why?

Ans – Yes, a zoo is good for animals!

It helps preserve biodiversity and also helps in reintroducing critically endangered species into the wild.

Q4) What should you do when on a visit to a zoo?

Ans – First of all be kind to the animals. Do not tease, or throw objects at them. Never cross or even attempt to cross the boundary of the animal enclosure.

Take pleasure in watching animal behavior and knowing their habitat. It could be dangerous and even fatal.

Ask your parents/teachers or whosoever is accompanying you if you have a question regarding the animal.

You can also approach guards and zoo staff for any information or if you seek guidance.

Q5) How can you make your kid’s zoo trip memorable as a parent?

Ans – When taking your kids on a zoo trip, you must try to make the trip not only entertaining but informative for the kids.

Tell them briefly about every animal’s habitat and behavior and the crucial role that each of them plays in maintaining the biodiversity of our planet.

Tell them that they should respect animals and make efforts for their conservation.

Last but not least –Click lots of smiling pictures with your children!

Q6) Which is the biggest zoo in the world?

Ans – North Carolina zoo is the biggest in the world. It houses 1800 animals of more than 250 species!

Q7) Which is the other best zoo in the world?

Ans – San Francisco Zoo! It houses around 1000 animals of 250 species. It is also the home of Koko the gorilla and Kelly, the oldest black rhinoceros in the world.

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