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Altania Schinasi was an American designer who created the 1930’s popular Harlequin eyeglass frame, that defined glamour in that era.

Provided below are different sets of 10 Lines on life and achievement of Altania Schinasi to inspire the children.

10 Lines on Altina Schinasi -Set 1

1)Altina Schinasi was an American filmmaker, sculptor, and designer.

2) She was born on August 4, 1907 in Manhattan.

3) She attended Horace Mann School and later boarded at Dana Hall School in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

4) Shortly after graduating, Altania shifted to Paris with her mother and sister.

5) In Prison she studied painting and developed a deeper appreciation for art.

6) Coming back to US Altania chose to pursue Arts rather than regular subjects.

7) In New York she studied with famous painter Samuel Halpert.

8) Altania Schinasi’s mother’s name was Laurette Schinasi, and her father’s name was Morris Schinasi.

10) Her mother has opened a children’s hospital in Turkey in memory of her late husband, that’s operational even today.

10 Lines on Altina Schinasi -Set 2

1)Initially Altina took job as a window designer with Peter Copeland; designing windows for Fifth Avenue stores.

2) During this job she worked alongside with renowned Spanish artist Salvador Dali.

3) Altina also worked with famous German artist, George Grosz, who had fled Hitler’s regime to settle in New York in 1932.

4) Breakthrough in Altina’s life came when she created and marketed Harlequin eyeglass frame that defined glamour in late 1930s.

5) Altina’s design was initially rejected by several manufacturers saying that it was too edgy, but Altina didn’t give up.

6) She did set up the production of Harlequin glass frame and oversaw the marketing, later shifting office to California.

7) Altina bagged the Lord & Taylor Annual American Design Award in 1939.

8) Vogue and Life magazines credited Altina with revolutionising the eye wear industry.

9)In 1940, Schinasi moved to Los Angeles, expanding and finally selling her eyeglass business.

10) Thereafter Schinasi worked hard and some of her large paintings were selected for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) juried show.

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