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Animals are often seen acting in Hollywood movies. We have seen cats, dogs, chimpanzees, mouse and other animals stealing the show with their spectacular acting.

Today we are going to talk about one such animal actor, a chimpanzee named Cheeta who had acted in over twenty Hollywood movies.

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1) Cheeta is a chimpanzee character that had appeared in several Hollywood movies.

2) Cheeta is a female chimpanzee and was born in 1948.

3) The Chimpanzee character Cheeta appeared in several Hollywood Tarzan films from the 1930s to 1960s.

4) It also appeared in the television series named ‘Tarzan’.

5) Ironically in the original Tarzan novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, there was no chimpanzee character mentioned.

6) However Cheeta can be closely associated with a fictional character Nkima, associated with Tarzan in the novel.

7) In every Tarzan movie, the role of Cheeta was actually played by different chimpanzees depending on the scene’s requirement.

8) There were around twenty chimpanzees that played the role of Cheeta in several Hollywood movies.

9) Jiggs, a male chimpanzee born in 1929 is considered the original Cheeta.

10) Jiggs was owned by Tony & Jacqueline Gentry.

Following is the list of original chimpanzees and their names who played the role of Cheeta.

NameSexSpeciesBornDiedOwner(s)Trainer(s)Period as Cheeta
JiggsMChimpanzeeca.19291938-02-28 or 1938-03-01Tony & Jacqueline GentryTony & Jacqueline Gentry1932–1934
Jacky IMChimpanzeeca.1930UnknownGertrude Davies LintzGertrude Davies Lintz1932
David HoltMHuman1927-08-142003-11-15InapplicableInapplicable1933
Cheetah-Mike (a.k.a. Org)MChimpanzeeUnknown; ca.1931 claimed2011-12-24See commentsUnknownPossibly never; 1930s–1940s claimed
Jiggs, Jr. (a.k.a. Jiggs II)MChimpanzeeca.1935UnknownTony & Jacqueline GentryTony & Jacqueline Gentry1930s–1940s?
Unknown 1?Chimpanzee1930sUnknownUnknownUnknown1930s
Skippy?Chimpanzee1930sUnknownUnknownUnknownlate 1930s
Unknown 2?Chimpanzee1930sUnknownUnknownUnknownca.1933–1943
Jacky IIIMChimpanzeeUnknownUnknownGertrude Davies LintzGertrude Davies Lintz1942
Cheta?Chimpanzeeca.1937UnknownUnknownGeorge Emerson1943
Unknown 3?Chimpanzee1940sUnknownUnknownSee comments1944–1945?
Unknown 4?Chimpanzee1940sUnknownUnknownAlbert Antonucci1946–1949?
Cheeta?Chimpanzee1940sUnknownPinky JacksonPinky Jackson1950
CheetaFChimpanzeeca.19481957-09-06Ed RogersUnknown1950s
ZippyMChimpanzeeca.1951UnknownRalph QuinlanRalph Quinlan1950s
Cheeta (a.k.a. Jiggs IV)MChimpanzeeca.1960; ca.1932 claimedLivingSee commentsTony Gentry2007, 2014; 1930s–1950s claimed

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