Education is the process of acquiring knowledge and skills through a number of methods including teaching, reading, discussion, training, and research, etc. Mostly education is provided by the educators; though, learners may also be self-educated. Also, there is no mandatory requirement for the place of education and it can take place either in a formal or an informal setting. Education plays a vital role in the overall personality development of a person; boosts his/her confidence level; provides better growth and career opportunities; improved social status and much more. This essay on the importance of education will help you in writing an article on the importance of education; give a speech on the importance of education and understanding the importance of education in society as well.

Importance of Education

Education is very important in the life of an individual for a number of reasons. It impacts both the social and personal life of an individual. An educated person has a broader sense of understanding and is quite open to new ideas and suggestions than an uneducated person.

Besides improving a person’s mental abilities and common know-how of everyday life, an appropriate and systematic education also improve skill sets, making the person employable and more reliable to prospective employers.

With education comes skills and confidence, two of the most basic prerequisites of acquiring livelihood. Education is the wing that gives flight to aspirations. On the other hand, a person without a proper education; might have aspirations, but achieving them would be a tough task.

Education also improves the social status of a person as an educated person is well recognized and respected in society. On the contrary, an uneducated person is deemed fit only for lowly jobs and is perceived as an inferior being.

Education also provides financial stability and a better standard of living as a consequence of employment. An educated person is skilled and employable, thereby making him/her ability to sustain the needs of the family. Only a financially sound family can meet the health, education, nourishment, and other daily requirements of its members.


Education is the fuel of life and the most important factor that sustains it. Life without a proper education is like a bird without wings. It is very important for every child to get a basic elementary education irrespective of his/her financial background or other conditions. Also, if we want our country to progress, socially, economically, and politically, then it is on the education of its wards that we must stress upon.    

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