10 Lines on My Pet Dog For Class 10 In English – Dogs have been the man’s best friends since time immemorial. There are exists hundreds of animal species, yet dogs remain the most domesticated of the lot. There are several good reasons behind such proximity of dogs to humans. Let’s read on…

10 Lines on My Pet Dog – Set 1

1) My pet dog’s name is Whisky.

2) Whisky is a male Labrador of British descent.

3) My pet dog Whisky looks beautiful with a dark tan coat.

4) Whisky is loyal obedient and playful, as Labradors usually are.

5) He is my best companion in the house and outside as well.

6) I actually feel safe with Whisky around me.

7) My pet dog Whisky is very vigilant and guards my house day and night.

8) Whisky displays an exceptional level of sensibility while with small children.

9) My pet dog Whisky loves water and is an amazing swimmer as well.

10) Whisky is a very kind and pleasant dog who loves the outdoors.

10 Lines on My Pet Dog – Set 2

1) Whisky, my pet dog, is very even-tempered and a good family dog.

2) He is really friendly with children of all ages.

3) Whisky is the most fearless and courageous dog that I have ever seen.

4) My pet dog Whisky is obsessed with retrieving a ball that is thrown away from him.

5) Whisky also loves playing Frisbee outdoors.

6) Being a Labrador retriever, Whisky is also a very efficient guide dog.

7) Whisky has a very sharp sense of smell and can pick a very faint smell as well.

8) Whisky has a broad head with kind yet impressive eyes.

9) Whisky is a very fun-loving and skillful dog.

10) I love Whisky so much that I can’t imagine a day without him.

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By Abha