The theme ‘Vigilant India, Prosperous India’ was adopted by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in 2020. It was adopted to celebrate ‘Fortnight of Vigilance Awareness’ also called ‘Satarkta Jagrukta Pakhwada (सतर्कता जागरूकता पखवाड़ा) from 27th October to 10th November 2020.

What is the meaning of ‘Vigilant India, Prosperous India’ and other related aspects, we shall come to know in the below essays. We will start with a short essay on ‘Vigilant India, Prosperous India’, moving on to long essays gradually.

Vigilant India Prosperous India Essay in English 300 Words


The phrase ‘Vigilant India, Prosperous India’ means that – A India that is vigilant will be prosperous, that is being observant and active towards the disposal of services and improvement of technology. In other words, when the people of India become watchful towards others as well as their own disposal of duties, the nation will definitely become prosperous one day.

When Did The Vigilance Awareness Week Started?

The ‘Fortnight of Vigilance Awareness’ was held in the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology from October 27 to November 10, 2020, with the slogan ‘Satark Bharat, Samriddh Bharat’ (Vigilant India, Prosperous India). The theme emphasizes the underlying significance of continual vigilance on the part of all people in protecting integrity as a key value for the country’s economic growth and development.

What is Vigilant India?

Being vigilant means being attentive and also entails improving internal procedures, completing tasks in a timely manner, and making systemic changes using technology. Through process innovations that lead to inclusiveness, simplicity, efficiency, and transparency, technology may play a key part in making India vigilant and wealthy.

Can Vigilant India Be Prosperous?

Yes certainly, vigilant India can be prosperous, because when people become vigilant, the corruption will be automatically eliminated. In a democracy, vigilant people play a significant role in checking corruption, thereby, aiding in prosperity and improving the overall standard of living.


The fundamental aim of ‘Vigilant India, Prosperous India’ is to promote transparency in the functioning of public institutions. It promotes the involvement of active and vigilant citizens in nation-building.

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