This Essay on pollution in English for students seeks to settle all their curiosities on pollution. Every student is well aware of the word ‘pollution, hearing it almost every day in usual conversations or in news.

While they know that pollution is a global concern, there are still a thousand questions in their mind – what is pollutions; how many types of pollution are there; did anyone invented it; what causes pollution; what are the solution; and yes, what are the effects of pollution.

Questions are many, therefore, we will go through a series of 4 short essays on pollution, one-by-one covering all the relevant aspects concerning pollution. In the end, I am very much sure that you would be able to answer all such questions on your own. Happy reading and All the Bes!

Short Essay On Pollution 150 Words


Pollution refers to the contamination of our natural environment by substances, produced due to human activities.

Types of pollution

If our natural environment gets polluted, the occurrence is termed as ‘Pollution’. What elements constitute our natural environment?

The main constituents of our natural environment are – air, water and soil. So, pollution can be broadly classified into three categories i.e. air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution.

However, it must be known that there are other types of less talked about pollutions as well, like sound pollution, and light pollution.

What Cause Pollution?

Pollution of any type is mainly caused due to human activities. Billions of vehicle running around the world, pour out tons of toxic gases into the air, causing air pollution. Sewage water from our cities pouring into the water bodies causing water pollution.


Pollution is a global concern. The world must take initiative to curtail its effects before it reaches a point of no return.

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