World Food Day is an annual event celebrated globally on 16th October. Every year the celebrations are based on a theme, like in 2014, the theme was “Family farming: Feeding the world, caring for the earth”. Given below are distinct sets of 10 lines on World food day followed by most common questions (FAQs) on world food day and also key points on world food day and hunger around the globe.

10 Lines on World Food Day – Set 1

1) World Food Day was started after the 20th general conference of FAO in November 1979.

2) The day commemorates the foundation of Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), under the United Nations.

3) The motive is to raise global awareness on issues of malnutrition, wastage of food, etc.

4) Organizations work in co-ordination to organize events centric to the production and supply of food.

5) Many conferences, symposiums and exhibitions are organized across the globe.

6) Around five million people in Northeast Nigeria are facing acute food insecurity.

7) The day aims to achieve a zero hunger target by 2030.

8) The day seeks to garner public support for the eradication of hunger, malnourishment and food wastage.

9) The Prime Minister of India has released a commemorative coin on the occasion of World Food Day 2020.

10) The world produces surplus food even then billions sleep hungry.

World Food Day FAQs

Q1) What is the theme of World Food Day 2020?

Ans – The World Food Day theme for 2020 is “Grow, nourish, sustain. Together. Our actions are our future.”

Q2) When and why is World Food Day celebrated?

Ans – The world food day is celebrated on 16th October to commemorate the foundation of “Food and Agriculture Organization, in 1945.

Q3) How to celebrate world food day?

Ans –

Feed the hungry

Plan your meals

Don’t waste food

Get active on social media

Gather information about global food production, wastage, hunger index, etc.

Learn to store food

Develop a habit of eating your leftovers

Freeze excess food (label and put a date on it)

Join an NGO working for the cause

Q4) I which year the theme of the world food day was ‘right to food’?

Ans – 2007

Key points on World Food Day and Hunger

Starting from 1980, world food day is observed every year by over 150 countries.

Themes of world food day are based around agriculture as it is the main process of food production.

In the United States, world Food Day Sunday dinners are organized on the occasion.

The day you are reading this article around 800 million people sleep hungry.

On the contrary, the world produces enough food to feed 1.5 times the total world population.

Wastage of food is mainly responsible for global hunger despite surplus production.

Around 30-40% of the food produced globally is wasted.

In India, 30-40% of food is wasted because of the lack of infrastructure like cold storage.

The situation might get worst due to the impacts of climate change and global warming on agriculture.

Malnutrition annually claims the lives of 5 million children below five, in the developing countries.

20 million children in Africa and Southeast Asia are suffering from acute malnutrition.

Speech on unity is strength

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