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Music is the art of putting ideas and feelings into meaningful sounds by using rhythm, melody, and harmony.

This can be done with the voice, instruments, or both. Everyone has a lot to do with music in their lives. It gives us something to do in our spare time and makes our lives easier.

People have also found that music helps them feel less stressed and anxious. Listening to a certain type of music has been shown to help people with depression and stress.

Students usually have to do something about music, like write an essay. Below is a very simple and easy essay on music that students can use to help them finish their work.

Long and Short English Essays on Music

Here are some paragraphs, long and short essays in English about music with different word limits based on what students need and want.

These essays will take you on a journey through the history of music, from how it started to how it became popular and how it keeps changing into new forms and instruments.

You can use these music essays for music-related school projects or to talk about music with your friends or family.

Essay 1 on Music (100 words)

Music is a big and important part of our lives. We can enjoy different kinds of music based on what we like and what we need.

Some of us listen to music when we study, play games indoors or outdoors, or do other things.

But everyone wants to listen to music when they have free time to have fun and clear their minds. Slow sound music helps us relax and feel at peace.

It also keeps our minds and spirits healthy. It keeps us from having mental and emotional problems for the rest of our lives. I like music a lot and always listen to it.

Music Essay 2 (150 words)

I’ve always loved music so much. I still remember that every Sunday was music day in my family when it was the weekend.

All day long, slow music played in the middle of the house while each family member did their own work. My dad is the one who got everyone in the family interested in music.

It helps keep our minds active and strong. Music is like meditation, and if we listen to it every day, it can help us in many ways. Some students listen to music while they study because they can’t read without it.

Music is like yoga in that it makes us happy, keeps our hormones in balance, relaxes our body and mind, and keeps us healthy both physically and mentally.

It keeps us from being overweight or obese, and it keeps us from having other mental problems. I really like music and listen to it every morning.

Music Essay 3 (200 words)

Everyone should listen to music if they want to be happy and busy in life. In a world where everyone wants to hurt anyone at any time, music plays a big role in making us happy when things are hard and giving us a lot of mental relief.

In real life, I learned that music is a great way to always feel good.

Music is even better for your body and mind than yoga and meditation. We can listen to music at any time, day or night. Listening to music is a very good habit.

I usually listened to music when I was studying, and especially when I was taking tests. It helps me a lot to focus on my studies, and it really works because I get full marks in all of my classes.

Every morning at 5 am, when my dad starts playing music in my room, I listen to spiritual music. He cares a lot about me, and he’s happy when music helps me.

He always tells me that listening to music is a gift from God that you should never turn off.

It is a powerful tool that will improve your ability to focus and help you move forward and be successful in life.

Music Essay 4 (250 words)

Music is a gift from God that helps people live healthy lives and get along with each other. It is a key to the soul that helps us keep our bodies and minds healthy.

Musical is a tune that makes you feel good and remember good times, places, people, or events from the past.

Music is a very soft and universal language that can say anything and solve all of our problems without us having to ask.

I love music very much and listen to it most of the time. It helps me feel a lot better and makes me happy. My favourite thing to do is listen to music, and it’s also the reason I’m always healthy and happy.

It’s a gift from God that I always use to feel better, and I always tell other people to do the same.

My father taught me to love music when I was young. I also like to play music at places like concert halls, churches, birthday parties, parties with friends, and other places.

Music is a big part of my life, and I can’t imagine living without it. My parents, especially my father, encouraged me to learn music as a hobby outside of my regular job.

Music is very simple, and anyone can learn it at any time. However, to learn it, you need to be passionate, practise often, and be disciplined.

I’m good at playing the flute, which my friends and coworkers praise me for. It helps me relax and think of good things, which helps me in my personal life.

Music Essay 5 (300 words)

Music has been a big part of my life, so I consider it a blessing. It always gives and never takes, and it doesn’t have any rules or limits.

For me, music is like the air I breathe. I’m happy and healthy because of it. People really do say that they can’t picture their lives without music.

Without music, life would be like the earth without the sun and moon. I was a very quiet person from the time I was a child until I was a young adult.

I’ve always liked to study or live by myself. Because of the weather, no one would talk to me. One day I was so tired that my dad saw me and asked what was wrong.

He made me want to go to a music school and study music for an hour every day. I did what he said, and after a few months, it made a huge difference in my life and almost completely changed it.

I didn’t stay like I was when I was first learning music.

Music gave me peace of mind, mental satisfaction, and mental health. It also helped me focus, filled my mind with happy thoughts, and, most importantly, made my friends want to hang out with me.

My father told me that if I ever got tired of life, I should always listen to this music because it would help me get out of it and lead me to success.

Until then, I listen to music and play music whenever I’m by myself or with friends.

Music is like meditation in that if you do it every day with passion and dedication, it helps you focus and keep your mind healthy.

We can’t hide from the fact that music is a powerful thing that can make anyone feel something. It moves the soul and will never disappear from the universe.

Music Essay 6 (400 words)

Music can be one of the most important and powerful things in the life of someone who likes to listen to or play music and knows how important it is.

People who listen to or play music never get tired of their problems. It helps relieve stress and calm the mind, and it also gives you the drive to do something better in life.

People like to listen to and play music at many different times and places.

Some people listen to music all the time, like at the office, at home, on the way to work, etc. It keeps away from all of life’s problems and shows how to solve them.

There is a trend these days for big companies to play slow music in their offices while employees work.

This is done to keep employees’ minds fresh and peaceful, help them focus, bring positive thoughts, and improve their work.

My parents and grandparents were both big music fans, so I picked up the habit from them. From morning to night, slow music is always playing in my house.

I don’t know much about how songs are put together, but I like to listen to music when I travel or study.

We dance, listen to music, or play music with our families on the weekends, either at home or at a picnic in a favourite place.

Music moves my soul and spirit and makes me feel like I have nothing to worry about in this world.

Music is very powerful and can send positive messages to all kinds of feelings without anyone having to say or do anything.

It has no voice, but it says everything and shares all of its problems more than a person.

Music is motivating and inspiring, which makes it easier for people to focus by getting rid of all their negative thoughts.

Music is what helps us remember the good times we’ve had in the past with the people we care about. It doesn’t have any rules or limits; all you need to do to enjoy it is listen or play with all your heart.

When we listen to music, it gives us amazing feelings in our heart and mind and connects our spirit to the power of God that is beyond our understanding.

“Music imitates life and life imitates music” is a very true saying about music. Inspired, I also started to learn music and play the guitar, and I hope that one day I will be a good musician.

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