Onam is an important festival celebrated in the southern state of Kerala. It is a 10 days festival of cultural celebrations. Several sports events are also held during the festival. Below given are two super easy and simple sets of 10 Simple Lines on Onam for the Children [class 5-10]. Single line short sentences on the Onam festival are easy to remember and use in school events.

10 Lines on Onam – Set 1

1) Festival of Onam is celebrated in Kerala.

2) It is a harvest festival.

3) Onam is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali.

4) The second day is called ‘Thiruvonam’ meaning the sacred Onam day.

5) People sing and dance to enjoy the festival.

6) In Kerala Onam is celebrated as the New Year.

7) People make a carpet of flowers called ‘Pookalam’.

8) Each day new flowers are added to the Pookalam.

9) People also clean their houses as in Deepawali.

10) Families prepare special meals and eat together.

Set 2

1) Families buy gifts and clothes for friends on Onam.

2) Children get new clothes from the elders.

3) Markets are busy during the complete 10 days.

4) The celebrations display the culture of Kerala.

5) People buy fresh fruits and vegetables for the meals.

6) Great celebrations are held on the 10th and the last day.

7) Street and houses are lit up with lights as in Deepawali.

8) Onam is a time for the farmers to enjoy their harvest.

9) It celebrates the hard work of our farmers.

10) People from different religions celebrate Onam together.

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By Abha