Pratap Singh I (9th May 1540 – 19th January 1597) popularly known as Maharana Pratap was a Rajput king of Mewar region in north-west India, presently in the state of Rajasthan. Maharana Pratap’s valor in almost alone standing against the Mughals when most of the other Rajput leaders have submitted to their prowess is unquestionable. He is especially remembered for his bravery in the battle of Haldighati and re conquering Mewar region from the Mughals. I have provided below two sets of 10 Lines on Maharana Pratap for anyone who respects valor, self respect and principles.   

10 Lines on Maharana Pratap – Set 1

1) Maharana Pratap was the 13th King of the Mewar region in present day Rajasthan.

2) He was born on 9th May 1540 to Udai Singh II and Jaiwanta Bai.

3) He was the eldest among four brothers and two step sisters.

4) After the death of Udai Singh II in 1572, Maharana Pratap succeeded him as the ruler of Mewar.

5) Maharana’s step mother, Rani Dheer Bai, wanted her son Jagmal to succeed the throne, but failed.

6) I was only after being crowned as King (Rana) that Pratap Singh became Maharana Pratap.

7) Battle of Haldighati was fought between the forces of Mughal Emperor Akbar and Maharana Pratap on 18th June 1576.

8) Though, injured in the battle, Maharana lived to fight another day.

9) The battle wasn’t a success for Mughals as they failed to capture Maharana Pratap as any of his close relatives.

10) In 1579 Maharana Pratap gathered his forces and reclaimed lost parts of the Mewar region from the Mughals.

Set 2 –

1) Maharana Pratap was a legendary Rajput king who is known for his valor and principles.

2) When many Rajput Kings had convened with the Mughals, Maharana rejected Akbar’s proposal of allegiance.

3) Battle of Haldighati was fought between Maharana Pratap and Man Singh I of Amer, representing Akbar’s forces.

4) The battle was fierce and Mewar forces were injured in large numbers.

5) Despite the casualties, the Mughals failed to capture Maharana Pratap.

6) The battle was fought in a narrow mountain pass at Haldighati, near present day Rajsamand in Rajasthan.

7) Maharana Pratap forces constituted of 3000 cavalry and 400 Bhil Archers.  

8) Mughal forces led by Man Singh I constituted of 5000 to 10000 men.

9) Despite the colossal strength; Mughal forces failed to conquer Maharana Pratap.

10) Maharana Pratap died aged 56 on 19th January 1597, due to injuries sustained in a hunting expedition.

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