‘Education’ is a very important process in any individual’s life. It has the potential to catapult a nation on the path of prosperity and growth. A nation where education is valued and guaranteed; is destined to progress on the path of growth and prosperity. In this essay on education for students and children in English, we will go through some significant aspects of education, such as – the importance of education; why is education the key to success; should education be free, etc.  


In a layman’s term, ‘education’ is a process of acquiring knowledge, the source of which may be different. Usually, education is considered as a formal school and college learning process. But, today many other options are also available for eager learners. There are vocational education programs for those who want to learn a specific trade. Many universities offer distant learning programs to those who can’t afford formal school/college education.  

Importance of Education in Life

Education is the most significant aspect of life. In today’s scenario where there is high competitiveness, it becomes more important.

One needs to be well educated and tone his/her skills to stay employable and eke out a living. The absence of education could be devastating for individuals and may lead to a life spend in poverty and hardship. Education is a potent tool to achieve success in life.

Education lifts up an individual and family’s status in the society. A well educated family is looked upon with high regards.

Educated individuals are like the pillars of the society, helping it to maintain law and order as well as contributing to its financial and holistic growth.

It need not to be mentioned that literacy rate of a country is directly proportional to its growth.


Education must be free for all irrespective of any demographic differences what so ever. However, primary education is guaranteed by the law in India, the same must be applied to higher education as well.

By Abha