Unity is Strength is one of the greatest survival strategies adopted by humans. We all have heard stories of groups of people united together in order to save themselves from external threats and forces. We have learned from experience that being united is in the best interest of society and the nation. I am giving here distinct sets of 10 Lines on Unity is Strength for Students and Children.

10 Lines on Unity is Strength – Set 1

1) Unity occurs when a group of people stay together to face challenges.

2) A lonely person is too vulnerable to threats and challenges.

3) Enemies think thrice before disturbing united people.

4) As long as we are united, we are safe from external threats.

5) Unity is very important for survival and growth.

6) Even animals display unity while one of them is threatened.

7) African cape buffaloes group in and charge a pride of lions to save themselves and their young ones.

8) It’s easy to break a single stick but difficult to break a bunch.

9) Simple example of unity is the family we live in.

10) A united family is the greatest strength of its members.

Set -2

1) United people are the greatest strength of a nation.

2) A united nation always manages to fight back infiltrations.

3) A country whose people are united is able to make continuous progress.

4) Greatest strength of India lies in the unity of its different cultural and religious communities.

5) Not arms but our unity is responsible for keeping us free and democratic.

6) We display our unity when we exercise our franchise to elect a common government.

7) Our strength is the government that we elect together with a common objective.

8) Unity gives us strength to fight back poverty, corruption and infiltration together.

9) Unity is a great survival strategy even adopted by animals.

10) Unity makes us strong by instilling courage and resilience.

Hope the sets will help you in your school assignment. They are useful for writing an essay or paragraph on unity is strength and for other similar assignments.

Speech on Unity is Strength

By Abha