Cows are common domesticated animals in India. Hindus even consider a cow as equivalent to a mother for the livelihood it sustains. Not to mention that milk is an important product that we obtain from cows, that sustains families of those who sell it and also those who consume it. Cows are also mentioned in Hindu scriptures and are therefore venerated.

Cow products – milk, curd, or even cow dung are used in almost every religious ritual that involves the worship of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Cows have been an inseparable part of Indian society since the time unmemorable.

Long And Short Essays On Cow In English

Cows in India are revered and enjoy respect equivalent to a mother in Indian society. Below given are short and long essays on cow in English for children. These essays will help the students to write an essay or paragraph on cow, for school assignments.

Essay on Cow – 100 Words

The cow is equivalent to a mother that sustains the needs of her children. Like a mother, a cow gives us milk and sustains livelihood. Milk is a very commonly consumed liquid food that is also very nutritious.

The animal finds a very sacred place in ancient scriptures. Several Rishi-munis have domesticated cows and revered them as mothers. Rishi Kashyapa had Kamdhenu, which is considered the mother of all cows and a Goddess by Hindus. Cows are a symbol of the Hindu way of living.

Essay On Cow – 500 Words

Cows are commonly domesticated animals in India and also worldwide. They are also very peaceful and harmless animals. They are hoofed bovines and herbivores. Cows are domesticated chiefly for milk and milk products, popular for their nutrition value.

Importance Of Cow In Our Life

1) Gives Milk

Milk is one of the most important products obtained from cows. Many families domesticate cows for milk that serves as their primary source of income. Milk is an important source of nutrition in a common Indian village household.  

2) Gives Cow Dung

Strange as it may sound, cow dung is also an important product that mother cow provides. Dried cow dung is used as fuel for cooking while fresh cow dung is used to plaster walls. It is also used as manure and fertilizer to boost the fertility of the soil.

3) Transportation

Cows are also a prime mode of transport in remote Indian villages. Though chiefly bullocks are used for this purpose cows are also used for the purpose.

4) Plough Fields

Cows are also used at many places by the farmers for the purpose of plowing the fields.

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