‘Financial literacy’ is a skill that teaches us to manage our earnings and savings in the best possible way. In lay man’s term it’s a skill that makes us capable of investing our disposable income in different modes, where we get good returns. In the below sets of 10 Lines on financial literacy for students and children we will go through all the important aspects of financial literacy.

10 Lines on Financial Literacy – Set 1

1) Financial literacy is a skill that teaches us to manage our money.

2) Its main objective is to teach us the value of money.

3) It also teaches us to differentiate between needful spending and useless spending.

4) The ‘financial literacy’ skill helps us throughout our life.

5) The early the children become financially literate the better it is.

6) A financially literate person knows how to use his/her money rather than just spending it needlessly.

7) It helps us make our future financially secure.

8) It also enhances our knowledge about various modes of investment.

9) Children learn about Bank FDs (Fixed Deposits), Shares, Taxation laws, etc.

10) Financial literacy should be made mandatory at the primary school level.

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By Abha