We all have heard that dog is a man’s best friend, and it is true. Dogs have been close companions of humans for thousands of years. The origin of the man-dog relationship is traced back to the rock age when men were residing in caves. Today dogs have become common pets and are found in almost every household. Several breeds are domesticated for their specific abilities and used as guard dogs, sniffer dogs, sled dogs, and a lot more. In this essay, we will know a lot about different kinds of dogs and their qualities.

Why are dogs good pets?

Dogs are much better than cats as pets. In this section, we will know about five qualities of dogs that make them good pets

1. Guard Your Premises

This is one of the most common qualities a dog has. Be it of any breed, small or big, aggressive or friendly, if it is domesticated, it will guard your premises against unwanted visitors. Even the undomesticated street dogs are known to raise an alarm if they see someone walking in the dead of night.

2. Playful Companion

Dogs are the most playful and happy pets. They just love playing, be it running with you or fetching that ball. They also make wonderful play companions with the children. Overall, a dog in-home keeps you playful, fit, and healthy.

3. A Blessing in Disguise

When you are lonely and there is no one around. When relatives are too far and the friends couldn’t be contacted, your pet dog becomes your only companion to share your emotions with. Studies reveal that persons with dogs as pets are less likely to feel lonely and depressed.

4. Relieve Stress

Dogs are stress busters. A dog in a family is like a child that has the attraction and love of everyone in the family. It is a thread that binds the family together and often a reason for smiles. Having said that, there is no need to say that dogs indeed relieve stress up to a considerable extent.

Some Interesting Facts about Dogs

From their wet noses to their smallest height, here are some interesting facts on dogs.

Wet Nose

Have you ever wondered why all the dogs have a wet nose? Well, that’s because to help the dogs pick up the scent. The nose is wet due to a mucus secretion that absorbs scent and let the dog identify it by licking. You must have noticed your dog timely licking his own nose. That’s because he is trying to pick up the scent that his nose has absorbed.

Water Resistance

Some dog breeds like the Newfoundland have water resistance coats and feet. Because of this rare quality Newfoundlands were used by fishermen and also as rescue dogs. People have even reported that their Newfoundland tries to rescue them when they are swimming.

The Tallest dog

The tallest dog in the world was a Great Dane named Zeus. He was 44 inches tall and a Guinness World Record holder.

Greyhound is Faster than a Cheetah

Yes! Greyhounds are exceptional long-distance runners and can easily make a Cheetah shy. A greyhound can consistently run at a speed of 35mph for a distance of up to 7 miles.

The Oldest Dog Breed is Saluki

The breed dates back to 329 BC and belong to Egypt.

Different types of dogs

There are mainly seven types of dogs that we will discuss below.

Herding Dogs

Dogs in this category are used for herding cattle, sheep, goats, etc. Australian cattle dogs, Border Collies, etc are some of the best herding dogs’ breeds.

Sled Dogs

These dogs have been used in the Arctic since millenniums and are still a major mode of transport over the ice. Some important sled dog breeds are Siberian husky, Alaskan Malamute, and Canadian Eskimo.

Police Dogs

Police dogs are used to trace suspects and assist police in law and order activities. Their intelligence and natural wit make them suitable for such activities. German Shepherd, Doberman, Rottweiler are some of the popular police dogs.

Guard Dogs

These dogs guard your premises against intruders. They are best suited to protect your property and are courageous enough to face any intrusion. Doberman, Bullmastiff, and Caucasian Shepherd are some popular guard dogs.  


Dogs have been a significant member of human civilization for thousands of years. And they will more possible will remain so till eternity. The man-dog bond only gets stronger with time.

By Abha