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My hobby is something I like to do when I have free time or whenever I can. I even have time for my hobby, if I’m being honest.

It builds up my physical strength and makes me happy, calm, and at peace. Everyone needs a hobby to do something useful with their free time and to improve their physical and mental skills.

My Hobbies: Short and Long Essays

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After reading the essays, you will know what my hobbies are and also about other hobbies, such as the benefits of reading books, the benefits of bicycling as a hobby and the steps to take before taking up bicycling as a hobby, the benefits of horseback riding as a hobby, the benefits of swimming as a hobby and the precautions to take, etc.

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What I Like to Do 1 (100 Words)

People have different hobbies based on what they like to do and how they like to do it. Some people like to swim, some like to dance, and some like to be alone and read a book.

One thing I like to do is take a quiet walk in the woods. I guess you could say it’s something I like to do.

I like to walk as close as possible to nature. It just feels so good that my heart always wants to take a walk through a forest, park, or any other natural area that hasn’t been changed by people.

I get a new lease on life when I go for a walk. It fills my lungs with clean, fresh air.

My Hobby Essay 2 (150 Words)

My favourite thing to do is cook. I love to cook when I have time off. I like to try food from all over the world that is new and different.

It not only helps me learn more about the plants and food habits of the people in that area, but it also tells me what kinds of plants grow there.

Most of the time, I like to cook fresh vegetables with sauces and other ingredients because they are healthy, easy to make, and look good when they are done.

I also like to make different kinds of desserts from all over the world more often than not.

My Hobby Essay 3 (200 Words)

We like to do our hobbies when we have free time. Sometimes it’s also something our hearts long for. I like to read for fun.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not talking about textbooks. I’m talking about fiction, thriller, and action books, among others.

When it comes to reading books, jungle adventure is one of my favourite types. I could spend hours reading a book that is about adventures in the forest and includes animals.

It could be about anything, like going on a hunting trip or trying to catch a man-eating tiger or a runaway elephant.

I’ve read almost all of Jim Corbett’s books. He is a famous hunter, adventurer, and conservationist who spent decades tracking and killing man-eating animals in the northern part of India.

Some of them I’ve even read twice, and I never get tired of them.

I would like to do it when I have time off. There is nothing better than curling up in a chair with a good book and the sun on your face.

My Hobby Essay 4 (250 Words)

A hobby is something you like to do in your spare time or when you have nothing else to do. When you’re bored, it’s the first thing you think of. I also like to draw when I have time.

I’ve liked to draw since I was a child, and I love to make sketches that bring life and colour to a blank sheet of paper.

I don’t know why I started drawing, but it is still my favourite thing to do and my favourite hobby.

Besides helping you get better at drawing, drawing is good for your mind in many other ways.

It makes you more creative because your mind is always thinking of new things to make and colours to put on them.

To make a detailed sketch, you need to keep your mind on the task at hand and block out any outside distractions.

For the drawing to look good, you’ll have to use all your imagination and focus on the details. When you learn how to focus on a certain job, you can use that skill in other jobs as well.

Drawing is good for the brain and for getting your hands and eyes to work together. You’ll always be coming up with new things to draw, and you’ll start drawing them right away, putting your eyes, brain, and hands in sync.

Drawing is a great hobby that can be fun, and I think everyone should do it as a pastime if not as a full-time activity.

My Hobbies Essay 5 (300 Words) Introduction

Your hobby is something you can’t live without and need to do on a regular basis. My hobby is cycling, and it gives me a lot of pleasure to ride my bike on open land that isn’t used by many other people.

Cycling – My Hobby

How to Start Riding a Bike

First, find the right bike!

This is the most important step for people who like to ride bikes, and it’s also a tough one. You need to find a bike that fits both your physical needs and your budget.

Step 2: Find the right accessories

Once you’ve bought a bike, the next step is to put on accessories that are right for your size and needs.

Step 3: Eat right

When you’re ready to paddle through a difficult area, the first thing you should do is eat as much healthy food as you can to give yourself as much energy as possible.

Step 4: Make a goal

Don’t try too hard at first, and keep your goal low for a few days before slowly raising it. In the first week, your goal for biking can be 5 miles or even less.

Step 5 – Regular Maintenance

The most important thing to do when you ride a bike is to keep it in good shape. You should check to see if it needs to be oiled, greased, or anything else to keep it running smoothly and safely.

Advantages of riding a bike

Bicycling is good for your health in many ways. Here are some of the most important of them:

Mostly safe and less likely to hurt people than motorcycles.

An excellent muscle exercise as you pedal.

It is easy to do because you don’t need any physical skills to start.

A good way to get off the beaten path and relieve stress.

It is a cheap way to get around that is also good for the environment.


Bicycling is a great hobby that is also good for your health. It also gives you more strength and makes you happy and less stressed.

Though, the hobby requires taking care of the bike and taking some safety steps that are required.

My Hobby Essay 6 (350 Words)


Different people like to do different things. Some of the hobbies don’t cost much, while others need a fair amount of money and other things.

I also have a hobby that isn’t easy to do or cheap, but it’s my favourite and I love doing it whenever I have time. My hobby is riding horses.

Bangalore Horse Riding School

Why riding a horse is good?

Horseback riding is a bit different from other hobbies. It could be a bit more expensive, but it also has health benefits for your body and mind.

First of all, if you ride horses as a hobby, you will spend less time on the road and more time in the greener areas and open spaces on the edge of the city.

The hobby will bring you closer to nature and let you see the clear blue sky from the back of a horse, which is a beautiful sight.

When you ride a horse on the edge of a city, you get to breathe clean, fresh air, which is good for your lungs, body, and mind.

In addition to making you healthier, riding a horse makes you more compassionate towards animals. You will feel a bond with the exceptionally majestic animal, horse.

You will also feel responsible for the animal and learn how to feed and take care of it. You’ll find out many interesting things about horses and how they act.

You will also learn how to interact with the horse, command it and keep it under control.

Suggestions for Aspiring Horse Riders

Riding horses is not an easy hobby, and it tests your physical and mental strength to the limit.

If you’re serious about taking up horseback riding as a hobby, I’d suggest you start by learning how horses act and how they respond to different commands.

A good teacher will be able to teach you how to do that well. Even if you only find a part-time job in your town or neighbourhood, you should take it.

This will help you get to know the horses and give you a chance to ride them.


Riding a horse is a great way to spend time and is good for your physical and mental health. But it comes with its own problems, and you should care about the animal and feel like it’s your responsibility.

My Hobbies Essay 7 (400 Words) Introduction

Everyone has something they like to do for fun. Some people like to read books, while others like to watch movies, play games, go for walks, etc.

I also have a hobby, which may seem strange to some people. I like to swim for fun. It is cheap hobby requiring no financial commitments and could be simply undertaken in swimming pools, rivers or ponds.

Swimming – My Hobby

Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is extremely beneficial for your physical health as it involves the movement of each and every body part and muscle.

You swim against the resistance offered by the water making your body more resilient and improving its endurance.

It is very good for your heart and keeps it healthy and free of disease. Swimming is also like a stress reliever that helps you feel better and is good for your health and happiness.

As you keep moving all of your limbs and try to stay afloat on water, your muscles get stronger, making them more resilient and strong.

The deep breaths you take while swimming help keep your lungs in good shape.

Swimming also helps you keep your weight in check and keeps you from becoming overweight, which can lead to health problems.

In a certain way swimming works out your whole body and makes it feel fresh.

Swimming has many other benefits, like making the body more flexible and improving balance and coordination.

Rules for swimming safely

Swimming is a fun sport, but it’s very important to follow safety rules and regulations when you’re in the water. Some things you should do to stay safe while swimming are listed below:

Try to swim with someone as much as possible, so that if you need help, you can get it.

To stay safe and avoid emergency, it’s best to swim in places where there are lifeguards.

It is not a good idea to go swimming when you are already tired or exhausted.

If the water looks dirty or unfriendly, don’t swim in it.

If there is a storm, rain, or lightning, don’t go near the water.

Swim far away from other swimmers, boats, rafts, and so on.

Also, you should never swim near where the boats are launched.


Swimming is the best way to keep your body and mind in shape. It works all of your muscles and makes your reflexes faster. Still, it is important to take all of the necessary safety precautions when swimming.

My Hobbies Essay 8 (500 Words) Introduction

Every person has a hobby that they want to do when they have the time. It gets people moving and keeps their minds sharp. I, too, have a hobby. When I’m on vacation or have some free time, I like to play cricket.

Cricket is my hobby

Why it’s good to play cricket?

Cricket is good for your health in many ways, and it is also good for building mental strength and happiness.

When you play cricket, your physical stamina goes up, your reflexes get better, you become more agile, and your overall physical fitness goes up.

Playing it often is good for your body and mind, and it also gives you confidence, the ability to coordinate and work as a team, leadership skills, and so on.

Cricket is a team sport where you play with your teammates and either win or lose as a group.

For this, you have to be constantly alert, keeping an eye on where and how other team members move and working out plans with them.

This, in turn, makes you a better person by giving you leadership skills.

How to Get in the Indian Cricket Team

How It’s Always Been Done

If you’re a regular player who wants to be on the India Cricket Team one day, the traditional way to get there is to start by playing on your school or club team.

Not only that, but you also need to make a name for yourself by playing in tournaments in your area and getting noticed.

If you play well enough, your district’s under-13 cricket team will pick you. Remember that all of this has to happen when you’re young.

After being picked for the District under-13 team, you have to keep your form up and get picked for the under-13 state team.

From there, you move up to the under-16 team and then the under-19 team. The Indian under-19 cricket team is made up of players from state teams under-19 that play each other.

There are a lot of things at play here, like your luck, your skills, and your competitors.

The Non-Traditional Way

If for some reason you cannot get into the cricket teams by the traditional ways as described above, there is still hope, but I must remind you that the nontraditional way is very difficult and no one, not that I can remember, had been selected this way.

You begin with enrolling in a good cricketing club in your city or town and practise for unusually longer hours.

In fact, practise is what you must be doing 24/7, and money also should not be a problem for you. All you should be caring about is your fitness and game.

Thereby, by performing well in club cricket, you should get noticed by the upper-division teams. If you are lucky enough you will be asked by the team to join them.

From there on it all depends on you and by performing extraordinarily you can play for state team or the Indian Premier League (IPL) (IPL).


Cricket is one of the most popular sports of the world and offers an extraordinary career option. But the best way to become a good cricket player is to work hard at it and start young.

If you love cricket and are in your early teens, you have a better chance of being picked for the under-19 India Cricket Team one day.

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