I live in a big joint family consisting of my sister, my parents, uncle, aunt, cousins, and grandparents. In the 21st century when nuclear families are becoming a trend, I consider myself lucky to be living in a joint family and I also have good reasons to prove my point as is mentioned in the My Family essay in English for students and children given below.

Normal Day in my Family

Usual days in my family are pretty much same as others.  The children wake up early and get ready for the school while my mother and aunt get the Tiffin boxes ready. By the time four of us – me, my sister and two cousins, exit the house, other members also begin getting ready for their offices.

When we return from school in the noon, there are only my mother, aunt, and grandparents present. Father and uncle return late evening from their offices. We do our homework and play in the evening. We all dine together in the night and chat for sometime before going to bed.

This is pretty much the same routine of day except during the festivals or holiday. In festivals and holidays we have lots of fun together and go shopping, picnic, etc.

Advantages of a Joint Family

There are certain advantages of living in a joint family that I must share.

1) Support

A large family is a great support as compared to a nuclear one. More members obviously mean more support when required. When you need there is someone to listen to your problems and support you through.

2) Guidance

It is a virtue to be guided through life under the precious advice of your elders. In a joint family, there are many elders to shower their experience and wisdom on the children. My grandparents and uncle suggest to me on issues of friendship, life, and career.  

3) Safety

There is safety in numbers and a joint family is never short on numbers. More number of members is a warning to the thieves to stay out. Nobody dares to harm a family that is big and stays together.

4) Enjoyment

Last but not least – the joys in a joint family is greater as compared to a smaller one. More members mean that festivals and holidays are enjoyed more lively and happy.

Importance of My Family in My Life

My family is very important to me. In fact, every family member in my family does his/her bit in shaping my personality. I owe my confidence, joy, happiness, and pretty much everything to my family.

Living in my family is like living in a favorite abode with your favourite people. My family has taught me what true love is and what responsibilities one has towards a family and society as well.

My family has taught me to be generous to the weak and poor. My perception about the society and the people is influenced by my family. I have learned social skills and good manners under the guidance of my elders.

Whenever I get sick or get in trouble, I feel blessed to be surrounded by people who really love and care for me. Without them it would have been really difficult to go through life in an easy way.

Things I Admire about My Family

There are certain things that I admire a lot about my family that I will mention below –

Mutual love and respect among the family members.

The eagerness to support each other in difficulties.

Misunderstandings are tackled wisely and effectively removed.

Consideration for the poor and the needy.

A sense of accountability to the society.

Well educated and career oriented family members.

Impeccable financial planning for the future and education.

Enjoyment and celebration whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Regular donations in charity and to organizations working for children and poor.

My family’s affinity towards neatness and cleanliness.  


My family is my greatest strength. I belong completely to my family and will always be under debt for the values and virtues they have taught me. Moreover, even decades from now, I would wish my family to stay the same as it is today.

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By Abha