We must have experienced friendship and valued it in our lives. It is by far the most important relationships that humans have experienced. Friendship gives us joy, happiness, contentment and emotional support, when it is most needed. In my opinion it is the only relationship which extends beyond the divisions of caste, religion, age, gender and even species for that matter. Yes! You heard me right! Haven’t you heard the famous phrase “Dog is the best friend of a man”? It’s very obvious, isn’t it? There are so many examples of humans being friend with not only dogs but also other domesticated animals as well. I am writing below different sets of 10 Lines on friendship for my readers. The sets will make you happier in the end and you will value your friendship more after reading them. Happy Reading!!  

10 Lines on Friendship – Set 1

1) Friendship is a kind of warm relationship between two or more individuals.

2) Friendship develops a sense of understanding and generosity in an individual.

3) Friendship eliminates the feeling of being alone and spreads joy.

4) Friendship is the strength that we need to happily swim through high tides.

5) Friendship is born out of pure and unconditional love for each other.

6) When two people could listen to each other without speaking a word- they are in friendship.

7)  A true friendship will always give you strength and courage to move on.

8) A true friendship doesn’t changes with time; it rather has the potential to change your time.

9) Friendship is also the most important factor behind successful marriages.

10) Friendship is the most important lessons of life which can’t be taught in schools but has to be experienced.

10 Lines on Friendship – Set 2

1) Friendship may enter slowly in your life but when it does it stays with you forever.

2)  The true measure of friendship is the number of beautiful moments friends spend together.

3) True friendship lets you understand even the silence of your friend/s.

4) Friendship is like warm sunlight that makes the garden of your soul blossom.

5) Friendship is the only relationship in which people indulge with no apparent reason.

6) In case your friendship goes wrong; don’t mock it and try to revive it burying the differences.

7) Friendship always tells the truth about you and helps you stay aground and real.

8) Friendship is the relationship which could be enjoyed by two extremely opposite persons.

9) One of the most important ingredients of friendship is “trust”; don’t ever break it.

10) Friendship makes you more confident and brings out the best in you.  

10 Lines on Sania Mirza

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