Mango is a fruit loved by the children as well as elders. They eagerly wait for the mango season to begin so that they can get a taste of the delicious and juicy king of fruits. But, do you know that there is an International Mango Festival celebrated every year in our country. In these sets of 10 Lines on the Mango Festival, we will know a lot of interesting facts about the mango festival.  The set will not only improve your knowledge but also help you in school debates.

10 Lines on Mango Festival – Set 1

1) The Mango Festival is held annually in the capital city of New Delhi.

2) The festival is being celebrated for two days since 1987.

3) The mango festival is held around the beginning of the summer season.

4) In 2020 the dates of the festival were 9th July and 10th July.

5) The festival is held at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium in New Delhi.

6) Mango growers from all across the country are invited with their produces.

7) The festival provides a platform to the mango farmers to advertise the fruit.

8) Quizzes and talks are also held to make visitors aware of different varieties of mango.  

9) Visitors get to know about the several lesser known varieties of mango.

10) It is one of its own kind rare festivals in the entire world.

10 Lines on Mango Festival – Set 2

1) The mango festival is important from the point of view of promoting tourism.

2) The festival also plays a major role in the export of mango and as well as its domestic sale.

3) Cultural dance and other similar events are also held in the stadium.

4) Above 500 varieties of mangoes are displayed at the festival.

5) Some popular mango varieties at the festival are – alphonso, malda, fazia, gelchia, etc.

6) Chefs from several star hotels in Delhi, demonstrate the preparation of several recipes from mangoes.

7) The festival also provides platform to other mango related industries like jams and pickles.

8) Mango eating competition only for the women is one of the main attractions.

9) Each year prize is also given to the biggest mango in the festival.    

10) The mango festival seeks to increase the export of mango outside India.

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By Abha