In the below set of 10 Lines we will know all the significant information about the deadly monkeypox virus that has the world baffled by its unprecedented spread.

10 Lines On Monkeypox Virus Disease – Set 1

1) Monkeypox is the same family of virus that causes small pox.

2) Common symptoms of monkeypox are fever, rashes, chills, and lesions on face and genitals.

3) Maonkeypox is fatal for one in every ten infected people.

4) Monkeypox disease is endemic only to central and west Africa.

5) It is suspected to spread from rodents and monkeys to humans.

6) Unlike smallpox, monkeypox causes lymph nodes swelling.

7) Rashes in the infected person appear after 2-3 days of fever.

8) Smallpox vaccines have been effective in treating monkeypox as well.

9) Thousands of monkeypox cases are reported every year in the African countries.

10) Usually the disease is prevalent in rural areas of Africa where the inhabitants have proximity to rodents and squirrels.

By Abha