Introduction – What are Science and Technology?

To understand science in very simple way let’s begin with an example. Do you know how wheels were invented? Thousands of years back, our ancestors living in forest saw a round shaped fallen tree, rolling down with wind. It was an observation, which is the first basic step for any scientific invention.

Next, an idea struck their brilliant minds and they thought that the rolling ability of rounded trees can be used for transportation. This is going to make our life easier, they must have thought.

So they started transporting big objects by mounting them on grounded trees. All it needed was just a little push and the rolling ability of trees would do the work.

With time, our forefathers have made considerable improvements in that log of wood and today we all know what a modern tire looks and work like.

The journey of tire from a wooden log to a ring shaped tire is a perfect example of science and technological development.

Science in everyday life

If we just look around us, we will see thousands of examples of science in the form of our objects of daily use that make our life easy. From the simplest to the most advance of them is a gift of science.

Your toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes, wardrobe, water bucket, tap, hoses, pipe are some basic products of science.

The fridge in your house that keeps the vegetables fresh, the washing machine, television, fan, air conditioners, light bulbs, mobile phones that we use to communicate, all are scientific inventions. Their usefulness in everyday life can’t be questioned.

Not to forget the car your father drives to his office and back every day or the bus that takes you to school are all very useful science products in our daily life.

On the other note, formation of clouds, rotation and revolution of earth, occurrence of day and night, etc is also a science.

Science as a subject

As a subject science is very important for students. The fundamentals of science are the foundation of several lucrative courses and career options.

Science plays a major role in professions like doctors, engineers, scientists, astronauts, geologists, etc. Apart from these professionals, a certain amount of basic scientific knowledge is required for everyone.

Children love science as a subject. One of the most important and interesting part of science subject are the practical experiments. Children love doing scientific experiments and learn the fundamentals of subject.

These experiments are carried out in school laboratories. There are three main science subjects – physics, chemistry and biology.

Physics is the science concerned with movement and physical aspects of objects. Chemistry is the science that deals with chemical compounds, gases, minerals, acids, etc. Similarly, biology is the science that deals with all the living things – plants, animals, insects, birds, humans, etc.

Anyone can choose the subject of his/her choice and make a promising and interesting career out of it.

Importance of Science

Science is important in several ways; however, we will go through them one by one as given below.

1) Makes life easy

First thing that science does is that it makes our life extremely easy. Thanks to science, today we are able to travel thousands of kilometers in just couple of hours. We can also live chat with a friend in entirely another corner of the world. Moreover, when we feel hot, we just switch on the air conditioner and enjoy the drop in temperature. These are only few examples of how has science made our lives easy and in actual there are hundreds of other examples.

2) Develops intelligence

Studying science as a subject or having a curiosity in it, improves one’s intelligence quotient and it is scientifically proven as well. Children who study science are smarter and adopt a more systematic approach to solve a problem than the children from other streams. Science makes a person calculative and fact based.

3) Settles curiosity

Science answers so many questions those have remained unanswered for millions of years. Today we know how earth looks like as seen from the space; we know that occurrence of day and night is not magic but is caused due to earth’s rotation in a fixed orbit, etc. We also don’t fear lightening much as we know why it occurs; thanks to science. There are thousands of such questions that science has been able to answer and sustained our curiosity up to some extent.

4) Makes new discoveries

Humans have been able to do new discoveries on a regular basis due to their scientific observations and researches. There is no doubt in the fact that concepts of science help in making new discoveries and also make continuous progresses. Telephone, light bulb, steam engine, gramophone, computers are all scientific discoveries those have been improved hugely with time.

5) Helps us understand the world

One of the greatest advantages of science is that it helps us better understand the world around us and its events. Today scientists know the behavior and anatomy of animals, reptiles and insects due to biological science. Today we know so much that we can take initiative to save any species from getting extinct or potential harm. We also know why earthquakes occur and what to do to escape without injury in case you witness one. We also know a lot about storms and tornados and can actually forecast their occurrences, again with the help of our scientific equipments.

Wonders of Science

Though, it’s not possible to mention all the wonders of science in a single essay, anyways I will mention the most amazing of them as per my knowledge.

1) Aircrafts

Aircraft of all shapes and sizes have always astonished me. The ease with which a pilot can take a thousand tons of heavy aircraft off the ground just with the help of some levers and buttons is nothing but wonder of science.

2) Mobile phones

No wires attached to it and sized perfectly to fit just in your palm, a mobile phone is another wonderful creation of science. You can communicate in private with someone sitting miles away or even on an entirely different continent. If that’s not wonder of science then what is?  

3) Electricity

Electricity is an invention that is itself the basis of many further inventions and discoveries. Without electricity we wouldn’t have come so far as a developed society. Electricity is used widely in everyday life. In fact it powers several of our devices and equipments. Without electricity they all would be redundant and we will have to return to the Stone Age.

4) Life-saving drugs and medical equipment

Science has also increased life expectancy by a generous margin and that’s why it got listed on the list of science wonders. Today, thanks to the scientific advancements and research work in the field of medicine and medical equipments that we have medicines that can literally bring someone from dead. Just decades back maximum life expectancy was around 40 years but today it has increased to around 80 plus years.

5) Computers

Computers are no less than wonder of science. Doing thousands of calculations in just under a second and giving desirable output is nothing less than a magic. A computer can also store any data till eternity if only you keep the machine safe and secure. Today they are used in shops, offices, schools and almost everywhere for various purposes.

6) Internet

This is one of the most significant inventions of science. It has revolutionized the way information is shared. Billions of people with internet connections in their devices have access to a never ending ocean of information. There is no end to it and the internet could answer all your questions whatever it may be.


Science is in everything around us whether we notice or not. It is in the elements – in rain, in the flow of rivers, in thunder, in life, and in the things we invented for ourselves. It is also in the human’s ongoing endeavor to improve their quality of life by making it more easy and secure. Without science, the human race will perish followed by all the other species.

By Abha