I have always loved birds and admired them. The freedom that they have and their ability to fly have always caught my fancy. I often dream of flying freely, up in the sky, as a bird. This has compelled me to write an essay on ‘If I were a bird’ to tell you all the things I would have done if I had been a bird.

“If I Were A Bird”

The first thing that I would have done as a bird is to explore the places with the least human interference. These places would have been- forests, mountains, ravines, lakes, rivers, and of course treetops.

I would have also loved to take short breaks, perched on a tree where I can smell the fresh fruits, leaves and expand my wings to relax. I would also love to play with other birds and visit their nests to see how they live.

I would have also made few attempts to fly over the clouds. I am not sure whether I would have succeeded or not, nevertheless, I would have definitely given it a shot, at least once.

Mostly I would have preferred to stay away from human habitation but I would have also loved to visit their gardens. I would have loved to sing early morning song on top of my voice from a tree.

Like humans have families, houses, I too would have wanted to a bird family of my own and a comfy nest to spend the night. Sure, the nest would have been safe on top of a tall tree, surrounded by foliage, and away from any danger.


There are thousand more things that I would have loved to do as a bird. It is not possible to mention all of them in a short essay.

By Abha