Are you worried that long exposure to computers or mobile phones might damage your kid’s eyesight? Gunnar Glasses are there to help you!

With the pandemic still lurking, going back to schools as usual is still off bound for our kids. Online classes and exams have become a norm these days, exposing your child to around 5-6 hours of harmful display lights.

It’s no surprise that such long exposure to mobile and laptops may lead to myopia or short sightedness and other vision related ailments. The big question is whether you have a solution?

Can you save your child from any of the vision ailments, so that he/she don’t have to be embarrassed wearing those awkward looking lenses? Yes, you can! I am going to tell you how.

Firstly, let me introduce to you, Gunnar Glasses. Have a look.

Gunnar Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Gunnar Optiks is one of the world’s leading companies specializing in safety glasses, providing protection against the computer vision syndromes and its symptoms. They are very popular in eye care and eye wear as well as in the technology segment.

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 Who Needs Gunnar Glasses

  • Anyone with regular exposure to mobile or laptop.
  • If you child squints while watching TV or during online class then you need to ORDER NOW!
  • Children attending on-line classes with continuous exposure to harmful rays from the devices.
  • Working professionals with long exposure to the computer screen.
  • Elderly or retired people with long exposure to television and other devices.
  • Gaming addicts.
  • Bikers and riding enthusiasts.
  • If you or your child frequently rub eyes and feel irritation.
  • Blinking eyes frequently.
  • If your child often complains of headache after classes then these glasses will be your best bet.

How do the Gunnar Intercept Glasses help?

Well, here are some to the mark advantages of Gunnar Glasses, that will blow your mind away –

Gunnar Patented Lens Technology Isn’t a Joke! Hit It!
  • Patented lens technology
  • Amber lens contrast, anti-reflected coating and patented focusing power, removes eye fatigue and headaches.
  • Protects your eyes by blocking high energy blue light, emitted from electronic devices. Blue light has shown considerable damage to retina, cataracts as well as causing sleep disorders.
  • Blocks 65% blue light and 100% UV light thereby preventing both short-term and long-term damages to the eyes.
  • Removes eye strain thereby restoring healthy vision.
  • Removes sleep disorder caused due to excessive exposure to blue light.
  • Comfortable frames that fit perfectly with your eyes and head.
  • Reduce digital eye strain.

Gunnar Glasses Review

Well, Gunnar Optic Glasses are no ordinary pair of glasses. First of all, the build quality is fantastically awesome, out of this world. Build from aluminum-magnesium alloy, these glasses are rigid, with a solid build.

The temple just perfectly fits your face, with ample pressure, just to not make it uncomfortable.  

It’s time hit this link here and give yourself and your children a perfect vision.

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